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Special products


Ergonomic screwdrivers on table stand.

pin-vices steel hardened

NEW! Pin vices with made of steel with hardened collets.

cleaning pen

Special pen perfect for cleaning the watch glasses, dials, bridges and plates.


Precision tweezers with fine wood tips for scratch-sensitive components.

Buff to polish

NEW! Practical polishing file 3in1 for smoothing, grinding and polishing.

casing cushion

Bergeon casing coushion with new gel surface.

grinding tool

Professional grinding tool in Swiss quality.

Horotec promotion

Special promotion with a price advantage of up to 15%.


Universal delrin stake assortment in practical storage box.

steam-jet cleaner

Elmasteam 4.5 for preparation and cleaning of watches and jewelery.


micro welding torch for soldering, smelting and brazing.


Firescoff - flux and heat protection in one, glossy layer remains.

soldering charcoal

Natural charcoal from linden wood in best quality.

Calibration for FREE!

We reward you the calibration.
News & more
boley news

Summer News 2017

News and offers for watch and jewellery technology.

Ear studs 2017

New ear studs and care products with many promotion packages.

Hearing Aid Batterie

Longest lasting hearing aid batteries.