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Special products


Ergonomic screwdrivers on table stand.


Ergonomic screwdrivers on rotating base.


Tool to adjust the excentric screw of ETA 7750.

wooden eyeglasses - Swiss Made

Handmade watchmaker loupes made of wood - Swiss Made.

Boxwood hammer

Mallet pointed, tapered fine boxwood.

Pressure and vacuum

Pressure- and vacuum handpieces in various designs.

bench top soft - Bergeon

Anti-skid bench mat of soft, flexible, lightweight material.


NEW! Special tincture for the repair of rhodium-plated surfaces.

small galvanic

RMGO! degreased, rhodium-plated and gilded at touch of of a button!

beading tool assortment

Beading tools made of hardened steel with polished grains of best quality.


Optimal presentation of your Langer magnetic clasps.

combined tester

World’s first diamond and moissanite tester with interchangeable tips.


Powerful and smooth running micromotor with two handpieces - including rivetting mallet.

Industrial Adhesives

Instant adhesive and solvent for many materials and applications.
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Ear studs 2017

New ear studs and care products with many promotion packages.

Hearing Aid Batterie

Longest lasting hearing aid batteries.


The most advanced WATCH EXPERT.