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Sony is celebrating ten years mercury-free batteries




Sony shows longstanding commitment towards a greener future - Celebrating 10 years Mercury free battery production.

In 2015 Sony celebrates its 10 year anniversary of the production of mercury-free silver oxide battery. Ever since pioneering this environmentally friendly alternative in 2005, Sony has shifted its entire European battery product range of 32 models to the mercury-free technology, demonstrating its continuous endeavour for environmentally friendly manufacturing.

After recognising its negative environmental impact, the European Commission noted that “Mercury (Hg) and most of its compounds are highly toxic to humans, ecosystems and wildlife”1. The 10 year anniversary puts Sony years ahead of the European Union legislative entity, which will ban the use of mercury in all button cells from 1st October 2015. Sony wholeheartedly backs this move to a new standard of mercury-free batteries, which will reduce the annual mercury consumption by 470kg.

Mercury, which to this date has been tolerated in small quantities of 2% of the battery’s weight, can be a highly toxic pollutant. Although toxic, the chemical has been used in the battery industry to prevent corrosion within the batteries which could result in swelling and leakage.

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