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barrel 1.60 (modern)

Crown shape : 916B

water-resistant - tubes 1.60 short pipe

Available according to size and colour in quantities of 5-25-50 Stück

nameversionshapedimensionsbarrelcolouradditionitem No.
crownwasserdicht916B3.0 x 0.71.60gold-plated-832732307
crownwasserdicht916B3.5 x 0.71.60gold-plated-832732357
crownwasserdicht916B3.0 x 0.91.60gold-plated-832732309
crownwasserdicht916B3.5 x 0.91.60gold-plated-832732359
crownwasserdicht916B4.0 x 0.91.60gold-plated-832732409
crownwasserdicht916B3.0 x 0.71.60stainless steel-833732307
crownwasserdicht916B3.5 x 0.71.60stainless steel-833732357
crownwasserdicht916B3.0 x 0.91.60stainless steel-833732309
crownwasserdicht916B3.5 x 0.91.60stainless steel-833732359
crownwasserdicht916B4.0 x 0.91.60stainless steel-833732409