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special chemicals

Chemicals for special applications
    • One Dip
      Note: Hazardous product
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      hairspring cleanerdegreasingOne Dip60 ml507995
    • derusting agent
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      derusterrust removerBergeon50 ml507751
    • Magic-Rhodium
      nameapplicationversioncontentsitem No.
      Magic-Rhodiumfor the repairRhodium tincture15 ml695730
    • screw loos
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      screw loosescrew removal liquidBoley6ml507753
    • Vissin
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      Vissinscrew removal liquidBergeon50 ml507754
    • Oxid-Ex
      For best results by descaling and pickling of jewelery!
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      Oxid-Exdeoxidation & picklingBonflair1 liter507290
      Oxid-Exdeoxidation & picklingBonflair5 liter507291
      dispensing valvefor 5 liter canisterBonflair507229
    • Ultra-Poon
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      mordantdeoxidation & picklingUltrapoon S1 liter507857
    • evaporating dish
      nameversionmaterialØ x heightcontentsitem No.
      boiling-out panwith handleporcelain85 x 49 mm176 ml502204
      boling-out panwith handleporcelain101 x 51 mm270 ml502205
    • Tripod
      nameversiondimensionsitem No.
      Tripodgalvanized steel100 x 180 mm510465
      mesh screenwith ceramic inlay120 x 120 mm510467
    • contact cleaner
      nameversionadditioncontentsitem No.
      contact cleanerContacleanKontakt 60200 ml507811
    • zapon varnish
      Note: Hazardous product
      nameversionadditioncontentsitem No.
      Zapon protective lacquerprotective varnishplastic 70400 ml507755
    • label remover
      Note: Hazardous product
      nameversionadditioncontentsitem No.
      label removerKleb-ExSolvent 50200 ml507740
    • silicone spray
      nameversioncontentsitem No.
      silicone sprayparting agent400 ml604167
    • protection lacquer
      nameversionadditioncontentsitem No.
      protective lacquerRouge100% water soluble400 ml507758
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