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PUK accessories to make it easier to work with the welder.
    • welding microscope SM5.1
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      welding microscopewith armrestsSM5.1695491
    • welding microscope with articulated arm
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      welding microscopewith articulated armSMG5.1695490
    • Headrest
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      headrestfor welding microcopePUK695484
    • table stand
      nameversiontypeitem No.
    • optic unit
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      optic unitwith loupe-lightPUK695492
    • third hand
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      third handassistantPUK695497
    • flat pointed pliers
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      flat long-nose plierswith power cablePUK695495
    • Tack welding set
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      foot switchfor automatic weldingPUK695486
      cable with terminalfixing weldingPUK695511
    • tungsten tips
      namedimensionsmaterialtypeitem No.
      electrodes0.5 x 50mmTungstenPUK695488
      electrodes0.6 x 50mmTungstenPUK695520
      electrodes0.8 x 50mmTungstenPUK695521
    • electrode grinding motor
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      electrode grinding motor11000 rpmPUK695503
    • diamond discs
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      diamond discfor machiningPUK695498
    • consolidator
      nameversiontypeitem No.
    • wire / scratch brushes
      namematerialbrush Øcontentsitem No.
      scratch brushbrass4 mm1 piece514635
    • T-piece
      nameversiontypeitem No.
    • band for contacting
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      contacting bandflexiblePUK695506
      contacting bandCrudePUK695507
    • spare parts
      nameversiontypeitem No.
      collet0.50 / 0.60 mmPUK695516
      collet0.80 mmPUK695518
      clampingfor handpiecePUK695517
      gasketfor handpiecePUK695514
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