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The oil-lubricated Silver-Line compressors are always the optimum solution when a silent compressed air supply is required. The noise level is considerably below that of a normal conversation. Silent, vibration-free operation and compact design allow installation directly at the workplace.
  • L-S50-4
    Identical to Jun-Air Typ 6-4
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    compressorSilver-LineL-S50-416 bar / 4 l609441
    automatic drainSilver-Lineautomatic611390
  • L-S50-15
    Identical to Jun-Air Typ 6-15
    nameversionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    compressor8 bar / 15 lSilver-LineL-S50-15609447
  • L-B50-25
    Identical to Jun-Air Typ 6-25
    nameversionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    compressor8 bar / 24 lBlue-LineL-B50-25609348
  • L-S50-25
    Same as Jun-Air Type 6-25
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    compressorSilver-LineL-S50-258 bar / 24 l609448
    compressorSilver-LineL-S50-2516 bar / 24 l609468
  • L-S100-25
    Identical to Jun-Air Typ 12-25
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    compressorSilver-LineL-S100-258 bar / 24 l609466
  • DK50
    Oil-free technology and low-maintenance components make the EKOM compressors the best and first choice for your service workshop.
    nameversionmanufacturetypeadditionitem No.
    compressor8 bar / 25 lEkomDK50 Pluswithout soundbox611365
    compressor8 bar / 25 lEkomDK50 Plus Sincl. Sound box611366
    compressor8 bar / 25 lEkomDK50 2Vwithout soundbox611369
    compressor8 bar / 25 lEkomDK50 2V Sincl. Sound box611370
    filtration unitdouble filterEkomDK50 2V611380
    automatic drainautomaticEkomDK50 2V611385
  • pressure reducer
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    pressure reducerSilver-Line0-17 barwith manometer + water separator609467
  • particulate filter
    namemanufactureversionitem No.
    particulate filterSilver-Line0.01 µm609451
    coupling socketSilver-LineNW7,2611225
    double nippleSilver-LineConnection pieces611226
  • service unit
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    maintenance unitSilver-Linewith 4-way connectorparticulate filter 5 µm + 0.01 µm609453
  • compressor oil SE-32
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    compressor oilSilver-LineSE-32500 ml609469
  • extractor filter
    namemanufactureversionitem No.
    suction filterSilver-Linewith black cap609452
  • spare parts
    nameversionmanufactureitem No.
    flashback arrestorsfor screwing-inSilver-Line609454
    relief valvefor screwing-inSilver-Line609462
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