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pendulum drives

Pendulum drives complement normal quartz or radio-controlled movements and convert wall- and table-clocks into pendulum clocks or quartz movements into rotating pendulum clocks.
  • rotating pendulum drive PH
    especially suited to the conversion of mechanically-driven 400-day clocks and converting mantel- and table-clocks in traditional 400-day clock style. The pendulum drive operates quite independently of the respective movement. Base dimensions: B 58 x D 55 x D20mm
    namependulum heightØ mmitem No.
    rotating pendulum drive60.0 mm52.0109050
    rotating pendulum drive94.0 mm70.0109052
  • pendulum drive PA-1
    without pendulum, transistor-controlled, very easily fixed to the clock movement using two securing screws at the sides (span 54.0 - 65.0mm) or to the clock housing with wood-screws.
    namemanufacturerpendulum lengthitem No.
    pendulum drivePA-1max. 600109000
  • pendulum drive PA-2
    without pendulum, with fitting bracket. Version suitable for short or long pendulums.
    namemanufacturerpendulum lengthitem No.
    pendulum drivePA-2max. 150109010
    pendulum drivePA-2max. 600109020
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