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Square, practical, innovative - the new Cube watch winders impress with their straightforward, elegant design and their patented induction technology.

With only one power cable up to four next to each other or towered watch winders can be supplied with wireless electricity. In this case, each module is programmed independently.

  • Piccolo - black
    namemodelversionnumbersystemitem No.
    watch winderPiccolo - Blackmodule1 watchInduction technology609820
  • Piccolo - carbon
    namemodelversionnumbersystemitem No.
    watch winderPiccolo - Carbonmodule1 watchInduction technology609822
  • mains adaptor
    namemodelversionitem No.
    Power supplyPiccolo - System220V609825
  • watch pillow
    namemodelversionitem No.
    Watch pillowPiccolo - Systemreplacement609826

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