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Mineral- and sapphire crystals special for RLX (XMR) - (XMR/L) - XSR/L) complete with gasket.
  • nameversionmaterialdiameterheightseriesitem No.
    XMRwithout loupeMineral1991.567-193XMR199202
    XMRwithout loupeMineral2161.525-206XMR216204
    XMRwithout loupeMineral2571.525-246XMR257201
    XMRwithout loupeMineral2972.0025-286XMR297203
    XMRwithout loupeMineral3062.0025-295 1XMR306200
  • nameversionmaterialdiameterheightseriesitem No.
    XMR/Lwith loupeMineral2161.525-206 CXMRL216302
    XMR/Lwith loupeMineral2571.525-246 CXMRL257303
    XMR/Lwith loupeMineral2972.0025-286 CXMRL297304
    XMR/Lwith loupeMineral3062.0025-295 C1XMRL306300
    XMR/Lwith loupeMineral3062.0025-295 C2XMRL306301
  • nameversionmaterialdiameterheightseriesitem No.
    XSR/Lwith loupesapphire2161.525-206 CXSRL216
    XSR/Lwith loupesapphire2571.525-246 CXSRL257
    XSR/Lwith loupesapphire3062.0025-295 CXSRL306

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