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polishing drums

Polishing and grinding drums
  • UT-line
    nameVolumeRPMoutputmanufactureitem No.
    polishing drum1,5 Litervariable speed control200 wattUT 1692200
    Polishing drum3,0 Litervariable speed control200 wattUT 3692205
    polishing drum5.0 litersvariable speed control200 wattUT 5692210
    replacement drum1,5 LiterUT 1692201
    Replacement drum3,0 LiterUT 3692206
    replacement drum5.0 litersUT 5692211
  • sieve
    nameversionHole-Ødimensionsitem No.
    sieveperforated6,0mm460 mm x 200 mm x 125 mm692208
  • drip-tray
    nameversionitem No.
  • polishers
    nameversionmaterialdimensionscontentsitem No.
    polishing beadsblendInox1000 g692165
    polishing beadssatellitesInox3.0 x 5.0 mm1000 g692160
    polishing beadspinsInox2.7 x 8.0 mm1000 g692161
    polishing beadssphereInoxØ 3.0 mm1000 g692162
  • polishing agent
    namemanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    polishing compoundElmaRotol1 liter508187
  • Polishing compound
    nametypecontentsitem No.
    polishing compound30.C61000 ml692155
  • cleaning agents
    nameversiontypecontentsitem No.
    cleaning agentfor polisher60.F71000 g692156
  • Gleitschliffkörper
    namematerialcontentsitem No.
    polishing beadsceramic1000g692889
    polishing beadsceramic5000 g692890
  • grinding compound
    nameversiontypecontentsitem No.
    grinding compoundfor ceramic grinding materialsSC 131000ml692920
    grinding compoundfor ceramic grinding materialsSC 135000ml692921
  • grinding tool
    nameapplicationmaterialtypecontentsitem No.
    grinding toolFine grinding / polishingplasticKX10 / Cone fine2000 g692861
    grinding toolFine grinding / polishingplasticPX10 / Pyramid fine2000 g692862
    grinding toolCoarse grindingplasticKA10 / Cone coarse2000 g692863
    grinding toolCoarse grindingplasticPA10 / Pyramid coarse2000 g692864
    grinding toolFine grinding / polishingplasticKX10 / Cone fine5000 g692866
    grinding toolFine grinding / polishingplasticPX10 / Pyramid fine5000 g692867
    grinding toolCoarse grindingplasticKA10 / Cone coarse5000 g692868
    grinding toolCoarse grindingplasticPA10 / Pyramid coarse5000 g692869
  • grinding paste
    nameversiontypecontentsitem No.
    grinding compoundfor plastic materialsSC 51000 ml692871
    grinding compoundfor plastic materialsSC 520000 ml692872
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