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The rhodium concentrate is used for decorative surface coating of e.g. jewellery, watches and
spectacle frames. It creates a brilliant white, extremely abrasion-resistant deposit.

The rhodium bath is used in a traditional type of electroplating unit. In a new bath, the free acid content is 22
g/l. It rises in the course of use and repeated regeneration. This has the effect of reducing the speed of
deposition, but in turn it can be compensated by increasing the time of exposure.

Rhodium content 1.0 g/l
Temperature 20 - 35°C (ideally 25 – 30 °C)
Exposure time 2 minutes (1 - 10 minutes)
Voltage 2.3 volts (2.1 – 2.5 volts)
Current density 0.75 A/dm² (0.5 – 1.0 A/dm²)
Deposition 6 mg/Amin
pH-value < 1
Agitation electrolyte or goods movement
Anodes titanium, platinised
Bath material glass, acid-resistant plastic (PP, PVC, etc.)

Density 12.4 g/cm³
Hardness approx. 800 HV
Layer thickness max. 0.5 µm

Further details are to be found in the EEC – safety data sheets.

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