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The BenchMate tool range for goldsmiths, engravers and setters. The specially tuned tool system facilitates operations such as stacking, soldering and repairs and saves time.
  • fixing set
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    fixing setcomplete setBenchMate004-559509470
    mounting adaptersingleBenchMate004-559509475
  • Adjustable Height Plate
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    mounting plateheight-adjustableBenchMate004-666509462
  • bench pin kit
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    bench pinready-setBenchMate004-556509476
    bench pinsingleBenchMate004-108509477
  • Encore QC - starter package
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    Encore QCBasic packageBenchMate004-839509450
  • Encore QCX - starter package
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    Encore QCXBasic packageBenchMate004-831509451
  • Encore QC setters package
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    Encore QC packageSetter packageBenchMate004-840509453
  • Encore QCX setters package
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    Encore QCX packageSetter packageBenchMate004-832509454
  • plastic jaws
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    plastic jawsContent: 10 piecesBenchMate004-558509471
  • soldering fingers
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    soldering fingersPointed versionBenchMate004-552509472
  • shellac pad
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    Shellac plate50x​50x​20mmBenchMate004-106509473
  • soldering plate with tongs
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    soldering stationlong holding pliersBenchMate004-570509480
    third handlooseBenchMate004-546509481
    soldering stationplainBenchMate004-569530118
  • sawing plate
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    sawing platefor right-handersBenchMate004-680509479
    sawing platefor left-handersBenchMate004-684530130
  • vice
    nameversionsystemGRSitem No.
    vice360° rotatableBenchMate004-628509482
    attachment set34-partsGRS003-520MPV509461
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