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Welding wires

Lampert's welding wires with a new eco friendly packaging that can also be used as a wire dispenser. Just open it, pull out a part of your wire and put the cork back on top. Now you can hold the packaging like a pen and pull out more wire when it`s used up.

  • welding wire
    namelengththicknesstypeversionitem No.
    welding wirespool 100 cm0.40mmPUKstainless steel (CMS)695471
    welding wireSpool 200cm0.35 mmPUKSilber 760/- JSS695461
    welding wirespool 100 cm0.35 mmPUKsilver 940/-695468
    welding wirereel 50 cm0.40mmPUKPalladium/Silber 500/-695473
    welding wirereel 50 cm0.25 mmPUKyellow gold 585/-695469
    welding wirereel 50 cm0.25 mmPUKyellow gold 750/-695467
    welding wirereel 50 cm0.25 mmPUKwhite gold 750/-695474
    welding wirereel 50 cm0.25 mmPUKplatinum 960/-695466
    welding wirespool 100 cm0.30 mmPUKtitanium695470
    welding wireSpool 200cm0.50 mmPUKAluminium-ALMG3695477
    welding wireSpool 200cm0.50 mmPUKAluminium-ALSI695472
    welding wireSpool 100g0,75 mmPUKtin695475

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