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profile cutting device

The world of profile cutters, from simple standard profile cutters to Cathara tooling systems.
  • Profile cutter Cathara
    nameversiondimensionsmanufactureitem No.
    profile cutter90°/45°70 x 50 x 12 mmCathara502040
  • profile cutter by Cathara
    nameversiondimensionsmanufactureitem No.
    profile cutter90°/45°/30°70 x 60 x 13 mmCathara502041
    profile cutter90°/67,5°/60°/45°/30°70 x 60 x 13 mmCathara502042
  • multi-purpose clamp
    Serves as a vise or for holding the precision saw support.
    nameversionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    multi-purpose clampvicefor profile cutterCathara502044
  • length stop
    Serves for serial production or for the recording of the precision saw support.
    nameversionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    length stopto 100 mmfor profile cutterCathara502047
  • length stop adapter
    For fixing the length stop on the saw table or the multifunctional clamp.
    nameversionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    adapterfixingSaw table / multifunctional clampCathara502038
  • angle guide unit
    nameversionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    angle guide unit15°-90° steplessfor multi-function clampCathara502043
  • precision sawing-table
    Is fixed on the multifunction clamp or the length stop.
    nameversionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    precision saw supportsaw support85 x 70 mmCathara502045
  • profile clamping plate
    Workpiece holder for the saw support.
    nameversionadditionmanufactureitem No.
    profile clamping deviceØ 0-14 mmf. sawing tableCathara502046
  • extension screws
    for use of prismatic jaws
    nameversionunitmanufactureitem No.
    extension screwsfor prism jaws1 pairCathara502039
  • prismatic jaws, pair PVC
    For clamping large-dimensioned workpieces of Ø 13-40mm.
    nameversionunitmanufactureitem No.
    prismatic jawsPVC1 pairCathara502049
  • padded jaws, pair PVC
    For clamping scratch- and pressure-sensitive workpieces.
    nameversionunitmanufactureitem No.
    padded jawsPVC1 pairCathara502048
  • Swiss-Made
    nameversiondimensionsmanufactureitem No.
    joint cutter90°/45°51 x 48 x 10 mmSwiss Made502050
  • hinge cutter standard
    nameversionitem No.
    hinge cutterstandard502051
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