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promo area

Great trigger clasps summer promotion from Boley. Get an additional invoice discount based on the number of trigger clasps you purchase.

Receive an additional discount on top of the low graduated prices:

15% discount for purchase of 30 trigger clasps freely sorted on this promotional area

25% discount for purchase of 50 trigger clasps freely sorted on this promotional area

not combinable with other promotions and discounts and only valid until 15.07.2019.

To participate in this promotion please add the Coupon code "Salt" while sending us the shopping basket.

    • namel.alloytypeunititem No.
      Trigger Clasps8,5 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470008
      Trigger Clasps9.0 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470009
      Trigger Clasps11.0mmS 925/-rounded2/5470011
      Trigger Clasps13,0 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470013
      Trigger Clasps15.0 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470015
      Trigger Clasps17,0 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470017
      Trigger Clasps20,0 mmS 925/-rounded1470020
    • namel.alloytypeunititem No.
      Trigger Clasps9.0 mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479309
      Trigger Clasps11.0mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479311
      Trigger Clasps13,0 mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479313
      Trigger Clasps15.0 mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479315
      Trigger Clasps17,0 mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479317
    • namel.alloytypeunititem No.
      Trigger Clasps9.0 mmS 925/-transverse eye2/5472009
      Trigger Clasps11.0mmS 925/-transverse eye2/5472011
      Trigger Clasps13,0 mmS 925/-transverse eye2/5472013
      Trigger Clasps15.0 mmS 925/-transverse eye2/5472015
    • namel.alloytypeunititem No.
      Trigger Clasps9.0 mmsilver gold-platedtransverse eye2/5472309
      Trigger Clasps11.0mmsilver gold-platedtransverse eye2/5472311
      Trigger Clasps13,0 mmsilver gold-platedtransverse eye2/5472313
      Trigger Clasps15.0 mmsilver gold-platedtransverse eye2/5472315
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