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Comfort II

  • Comfort II
    nameversionmodelitem No.
    electroplating unit6x PPH tanksComfort II695395
    electroplating unit6x PPH tanksComfort II Digital695397
  • anodes
    Each bath requires 2 anodes.
    namematerialapplicationitem No.
    anodestainless steel V2Afor degreasing & gold plating695601
    anodeTitanium, platedfor rhodium and gold plating695602
    anodenickelnickel plating695603
    anodeFine silverSiliver plating695604
    anodeCoppercopper plating695605
  • work hangers
    nameversioncontentsitem No.
    work hangerswith clamping device1 piece695554
    copper wireSpare wire50 pieces695555
    cooper wire0.50mm1 kg / Rolle695553
  • work hangers
    nameversionitem No.
    work hangersfor rings695556
  • work hangers
    nameversionitem No.
    work hangersfor chains695557
  • PPH baths
    namecontentsdimensionsitem No.
    PPH tank1,5 litres150x​100x​147mm695403
    PPH lid1,5 litres159x​109x​29mm695404
  • immersion heaters
    nameversionoutputitem No.
    immersion heatersquartz180 watts695530
    mountingstainless steel695531

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