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    • smarttech vt-4
      nameheating outputdimensionsweightitem No.
      vulcanising press800 watts320 x 230 x 50026000 g604010
    • Unipress 200 Air
      nameheating outputdimensionsweightitem No.
      vulcanising press900 watt350 x 320 x 530mm26000 g604000
    • Unipress 200 Air Quattro
      nameheating outputdimensionsweightitem No.
      vulcanising press1000 watt350 x 320 x 530mm31000 g604001
    • Quattro Parallel VP-160
      nameheating outputdimensionsweightitem No.
      vulcanising press1000 watt345 x 260 x 600mm31000 g604003
    • vulcanising frame
      nameinternal measurementmaterialweightitem No.
      vulcanising frame65 x 50 x 45 mmaluminium1500 g604005
      vulcanising frame75 x 60 x 45 mmaluminium1500 g604006
      vulcanising frame85 x 70 x 45 mmaluminium1700 g604007
      vulcanising frame110 x 90 x 60 mmaluminium4500 g604008
      vulcanising frame120 x 100 x 60 mmaluminium4750 g604009
    • Castaldo vulcanising rubber
      White-label = medium - hard
      Gold-label = soft
      The roll with 2270 g is sufficient for about 1525 jewellery mouldings.
      nameversiondimensionsmanufactureweightitem No.
      vulcanising rubberwhite-label457 x 3,2mmCastaldo2270 g604145
      vulcanising rubbergold-label457 x 3,2mmCastaldo2270 g604146
      vulcanising rubberwhite-label457 x 3,2mmCastaldo22700 g604147
      vulcanising rubbergold-label457 x 3,2mmCastaldo22700 g604148
    • compact rubber moulds
      nameversiondimensionsmanufacturethicknessitem No.
      rubber mouldswhite-label65 x 50mmcompact6-layer604169
      rubber mouldsgold-label65 x 50mmcompact6-layer604170
      rubber mouldswhite-label75 x 60mmcompact6-layer604171
      rubber mouldsgold-label75 x 60mmcompact6-layer604172
      rubber mouldswhite-label85 x 70mmcompact6-layer604173
      rubber mouldsgold-label85 x 70mmcompact6-layer604174
      rubber mouldswhite-label110 x 90mmcompact6-layer604175
      rubber mouldsgold-label110 x 90mmcompact6-layer604176
      rubber mouldswhite-label120 x 100mmcompact6-layer604177
      rubber mouldsgold-label120 x 100mmcompact6-layer604178
    • rubber burner
      nameversionitem No.
      rubber welderUniwelder 30A604160
      burner tipshape A604161
      burner tipshape B604162
      burner tipshape C604163
      burner tipshape D604164
      burner tipshape E604165
    • scalpel
      nameversionlengthunititem No.
      scalpel holdershape 3130 mm1 piece510760
      scalpel bladesshape 1040 mm10 pieces510759
      scalpel bladesshape 1140 mm10 pieces510758
    • talcum
      nameversioncontentsitem No.
      talcum powderparting agent250 g604168
    • powder tine with brush
      nameversionmaterialitem No.
      powder tinwith brushaluminium604166
    • silicone spray
      Hazardous product
      nameversioncontentsitem No.
      silicone sprayparting agent400 ml604167
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