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RLX screw-in crowns, water-resistant with tube 2.70 and gasket ring.
    • for screwing cpl.
      RLX screw-in crowns, water-resistant.

      nameversiondimensionsbarrelcolouradditionitem No.
      crownRLX5,00x​0,92.70yellowKopf Ø 2,80832920509
      crownRLX5,50x​0,92.70yellowKopf Ø 2,80832920559
      crownRLX6,00x​0,92.70yellowKopf Ø 3,00832920609
      crownRLX7,00x​0,92.70yellowKopf Ø 3,00832920709
      crownRLX5,00x​0,92.70stainless steelKopf Ø 2,80833920509
      crownRLX5,50x​0,92.70stainless steelKopf Ø 2,80833920559
      crownRLX6,00x​0,92.70stainless steelKopf Ø 3,00833920609
      crownRLX7,00x​0,92.70stainless steelKopf Ø 3,00833920709
    • screwing tubes with gasket
      nameversionshapebarrelcolouradditionitem No.
      screwing tubesold versionA2.50DamenGewinde Ø 4,00031961
      screwing tubesold versionA3,00HerrenGewinde Ø 4,40031962
      screwing tubesnew versionB2.50DamenGewinde Ø 4,00031963
      screwing tubesnew versionB3,00HerrenGewinde Ø 4,40031965
      screwing tubesnew versionC2.50DamenGewinde Ø 4,00031964
      screwing tubesnew versionC3,00HerrenGewinde Ø 4,40031966
    • tubes gaskets single
      nameversionshapebarrelunititem No.
      Falte 961old versionANr. 0319613 pieces015961
      Falte 962old versionANo. 0319623 pieces015962
      Falte 963new versionBNr. 0319633 pieces015963
      Falte 968new versionBNr. 0319653 pieces015968
      Falte 960new versionCNr. 0319643 pieces015960
      Falte 966new versionCNr. 0319663 pieces015966
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