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The RZ series of stereomicroscopes from Novex are characterised by a very reasonable price for the quality offered, since as they are 100% parfocal, the image always stays perfectly sharp.
  • stereo-microscopes
    nameversionmagnificationworking clearanceadditionitem No.
    stereomicroscopebinocular6,5x-45x / 3,2x-22x95-160mmwith LED-lighting695839
    stereomicroscopetrinocular6,5x-45x / 3,2x-22x95-160mmwith LED-lighting695838
  • LED ring illumination
    nameversionworking clearancelight intensityitem No.
    ring illumination72 HiTec LED's50 - 250mmadjustable / switchable695836
  • digital cameras
    nameversionconnectionadditionitem No.
    microscope cameraHD-LiteHDMI / USBwith integrated software695819
    microscope cameraHD-UltraHDMI / USBwith integrated software696670
  • objectives
    namemagnificationworking clearanceitem No.
    auxiliary lens0.5x160 mm695826
    auxiliary lens0.4x225mm695827
  • widefield eyepieces
    nameversionmagnificationitem No.
    widefield eyepiecesWF 20x5,2 - 90x695835
  • Protective glass cover
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    protective coverfor screwing onglass695837
  • Overview table
    You can customize your microscope according to your needs using the attached table.
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