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bur and countersinks

Tool helpful in machining, deburring and countersinking
    • cutter and deburrer
      nameversionadditioncontentsitem No.
      cutter assortmentDeburring tool / milling tool / rounding toolauf Sockel12 pieces513900
    • Wheel countersinks
      nameversiontypemanufacturecontentsitem No.
      wheel countersinksassortedwood caseBoley12 pieces514776
    • wheel setter + countersink bur
      Shaft Ø 4.7 mm (suitable for riveting machine)
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      countersinksassortedBergeon8 + 4 pieces514779
    • Kreuzsenkfräser
      Shaft Ø 4.7 mm (suitable for riveting machine)
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      countersinksassortedBergeon15 pieces514780
    • bur for hour-wheel tubes
      nameversionmax. feedlengthmanufactureitem No.
      bursfor hour-wheel tube1.5mm100 mmBergeon514748
      bursfor hour-wheel tube2.0mm100 mmBergeon514749
      bursfor hour-wheel tube3,0mm100 mmBergeon514750
    • bur for Wechselradstifte
      nameversionlengthmanufactureitem No.
      bursfor minute-wheel pin100 mmBergeon514752
    • bur for deburring
      nameversionlengthmanufactureitem No.
      bursfor deburring100 mmBergeon514754
    • pivot polisher
      nameversiontypemanufactureitem No.
      pivot polisherrod shapewith jewel; jewelledBergeon511700

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