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sharpening system

The Power-Hone sharpening system from GRS entices prongs and other tools sharpness in high-quality quality. Video
  • GraverHone VS
    nameversionmodelmanufactureGRSitem No.
    tool sharpeningGraverHone VSDual-AngleGRS003-801-EU609252
    tool sharpeningGraverHone VSApexGRS003-800-EU609254
    tool sharpeningGraverHone VSBasicGRS003-598-EU609253
  • diamond discs
    namegrain sizeØmanufactureGRSitem No.
    diamond wheels1200 (fine)125 mmGRS002-139609255
    diamond wheels600 (medium)125 mmGRS002-055609256
    diamond wheels260 (coarse)125 mmGRS002-138609257
    diamond wheels180 (very coarse)125 mmGRS011-194609259
  • diamond spray
    For ceramic discs and other surfaces.
    nameversiongrain sizecolourmanufactureGRSitem No.
    diamond sprayextra fine1/4 micronblueGRS002-752609245
    diamond sprayfine1/2 microngreenGRS002-753609246
    diamond spraymedium1 micronredGRS002-754609247
    diamond spraycoarse3 micronblackGRS002-755609248
  • ceramic disc
    namegrain sizeØmanufactureGRSitem No.
    ceramic lapHighgloss polishing150 mmGRS002-415609258
  • sharpening holder - standard
    nameversionmanufactureGRSitem No.
    sharpening holderstandardGRS003-100609263
  • sharpening holder - Apex
    nameversionmanufactureGRSitem No.
    sharpening holderApex (QC)GRS003-760609264
  • sharpening holder - quick change QC
    nameversionmanufactureGRSitem No.
    sharpening holderQuick-ChangeGRS003-580609262
  • sharpening holder - Dual Angle special
    nameversionmanufactureGRSitem No.
    sharpening holderDual specialGRS003-570609260
  • QC tool holder adapter-kit
    nameversionsystemmanufactureGRSitem No.
    adapterfor Dual Angle sharpening holderQCGRS003-706609261
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