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Cheap assortments for movements.

Promote from our current set of 3 with large discount advantage to single purchase of the movements.


    • movements
      nametypeadditionfunctioncontentsitem No.
      MIYOTA20356 3/4x​8SC3 pieces169970
      MIYOTA5Y205 1/2w/o. SC3 pieces169971
      MIYOTA5Y305 1/2SC3 pieces169972
      MIYOTA1M1210 1/2SC-DATE(3)3 pieces169973
      MIYOTA1M1210 1/2SC-DATE(6)3 pieces169974
    • movements
      nametypeadditionfunctioncontentsitem No.
      ETA901.0015 1/2o. SC3 pieces169984
      ETA956.1127 3/4SC-DATE(3)3 pieces169996
      ETA955.41210 1/2SC-DATE(3)3 pieces169997
      ETA955.11211 1/2SC-DATE(3)3 pieces169998
      ETA805.11211 1/2SC-DATE(3)3 pieces169985
    • movements
      nametypeadditionfunctioncontentsitem No.
      RONDA7515 1/2w/o. SC3 pieces169987
      RONDA7636 3/4x​8SC3 pieces169989
      RONDA7626 3/4x​8w/o. SC3 pieces169988
      RONDA51511 1/2SC-DATE(3)3 pieces169991
      RONDA51511 1/2SC-DATE(6)3 pieces169992
    • movements
      nametypeadditionfunctioncontentsitem No.
      SHIOJIRIY1216 3/4x​8SC3 pieces169975
      SHIOJIRIPC216 3/4x​8SC3 pieces169976
      SHIOJIRIVJ206 3/4x​8w/o. SC3 pieces169977
      SHIOJIRIVX3210 1/2SC-DATE(3)3 pieces169978
      SHIOJIRIVX4211 1/2SC-DATE(3)3 pieces169979
    • movements
      nametypeadditionfunctioncontentsitem No.
      TrendRL/MIY/SHIOSpezialSpezial10 pieces169995

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