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Pavé settings

Special tools for drilling pavé settings into very heavy splittable jewel metals, e.g. platinum, titanium, stainless steel but also gold, silver and their alloys.Video
    • step 1
      Hard metal spiral drills

      This hard metal spiral drill with his short working piece is a very useful tool for an accurate and steady drill in a small space as it is necessary for pavé settings.

      Rec. speed: 3.000 - 5.000 r.p.m.
      nameversionshapehead Øshaft Øitem No.
      twist drillPavé-settings4205 S0.70 mm2.35 mm568567
      twist drillPavé-settings4205 S0.80 mm2.35 mm568568
      twist drillPavé-settings4205 S0.90 mm2.35 mm568569
      twist drillPavé-settings4205 S1.00 mm2.35 mm568570
    • step 2
      Hard metal round cutter

      The predilled hole will be enlarged by this hard metal round cutter. Thus a safe support can be cut for the rondiste in order to set the gem stone. The cutting of heavy accessible edges or fine corrections can be done with the smaller sizes of the round cutter, from 0,4mm on.
      namefigurehead Øshaft Øversionitem No.
      spherical burFig. 1 HM0.40 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563304
      spherical burFig. 1 HM0.50 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563305
      spherical burFig. 1 HM0.60 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563306
      spherical burFig. 1 HM0.70 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563307
      spherical burFig. 1 HM0.80 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563308
      spherical burFig. 1 HM0.90 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563309
      spherical burFig. 1 HM1.00 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563310
      spherical burFig. 1 HM1.10 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563311
      spherical burFig. 1 HM1.20 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563312
      spherical burFig. 1 HM1.40 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563314
      spherical burFig. 1 HM1.60 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563316
      spherical burFig. 1 HM1.80 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563318
      spherical burFig. 1 HM2.10 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563321
      spherical burFig. 1 HM2.30 mm2.35 mmcoarse cutting563323
    • step 3
      Hard metal circular saws

      After preparation of the correct gem stone position of the pavé setting the gaps can be cut crosswise by these new circular saws. It will rest only the claws for finally setting gem stones. The special gearing of the circular saws inables you to master nice and deep mill-cut into platinum, titanium, stainless steel as well as into gold, silver and their alloys.
      namefigurediscs Øthicknessshaft Øversionitem No.
      circular sawFig. 231F2,30mm0.20 mm2.35 mmmounted561030
      circular sawFig. 231FL2,30mm0.30 mm2.35 mmmounted561031
      circular sawFig. 231FXL2,30mm0.40mm2.35 mmmounted561032
    • starter kit
      Basic assortment for pavé settings, step 1 to 3

      4x hartmetal spiral drills (0,70 - 0,80 - 0,90 - 1,00mm)
      6x hard metal round cutters (1,00 - 1,20 - 1,40 - 1,60 - 180 - 2,30mm)
      2x hard metal circular saws (231F - 231FL)
      nameversioncompositioncontentsitem No.
      basic assortmentPavé-settingsStep 1 to 312 parts568560
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