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UVC-LED sterilization device

Sterilisation device UVC-LED for the lightning-fast disinfection of watches, jewellery and small tools - free of bacteria and germs in 3 minutes!

It cannot be ruled out that you will come into contact with bacteria and germs through the contact of watch or jewellery repairs.

Enjoy the security of being able to repair watches, jewellery and small tools in a few minutes free from bacteria and germs.

1. kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs in 3 minutes
The UVC light can destroy the bacteria DNA and kill all kinds of germs. The terilisation device UVC-LED combines 8 UV and LED lamps which have a dual optical wavelength of 395 nm + 280 nm by using a double light source and a double energy function. A reflective glass is mounted on the underside of the box, which reflects the UV light when the device is in operation, so that it sterilises the bacteria from all angles.

2. voice announcement and indicator lights:
There is a voice announcement for all processes, for example: "Sterilized" or "Sterilization complete". When the sterilizer is turned on, all white lights will come on and flash once. When the unit is in standby mode, the white lights will light up continuously without flashing. The white scrolling text is on when the unit is sterilizing.

3. safety sensor and automatic switch-off:
By means of a built-in gravity sensor, the unit will turn off immediately if the lid is opened during sterilization to prevent your skin from being exposed to UVC light. In addition, the unit automatically turns off after 15 hours in standby mode, as it has a built-in power saving detection function.

4. sterilization without chemicals or detergents:
The sterilisation devicemmi UVC-LED helps you to live a safe and healthy life without the use of aggressive detergents and chemicals. The UVC light destroys the DNA of germs and suppresses their ability to reproduce. CE and FCC certified.

5. uncomplicated operation:
Connect the sterilizer to a power source. Open the lid, place the items to be sterilized in the container, close the lid and press the start and stop button for half a second to start sterilization. After 3 minutes, the unit switches off automatically and an announcement (sterilization over) sounds and sterilization is complete. Press the start and stop function for 3 seconds to switch off the sterilizer.

Scope of delivery:
Sterilizer UVC LED, power plug and cable

Technical data:
Input voltage: 10 V - 700 mA
Power: max. 8 W
LED: 8 LED lamps
Dimensions: 216 mm x 105 mm x 70 mm
Wavelength: 260 - 280 nm

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