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hand setting tool Bergeon

    • Bergeon hand-setting tool B-Setting4
      nameversionadditionmanufactureitem No.
      hand-setting press4 runnerswith Delrin insertsBergeon511622
    • inserts delrin
      nameversionoutside-Ødrill-hole Øitem No.
      insertsf. Zeiger-Pressstock2.60 mm1.60 mm511650
      insertsf. Zeiger-Pressstock2.10 mm1.20 mm511651
      insertsf. Zeiger-Pressstock1.70 mm0.60 mm511652
      insertsf. Zeiger-Pressstock2.60 mmflat511653
      insertsf. Zeiger-Pressstock1.50 mmflat511654
    • intermediate plates
      namePivotplate Øitem No.
      intermediate plate3.25mm31 mm511627
      intermediate plate3.25mm45 mm511628
    • Limit-Force runner
      nameversionmanufactureadditionitem No.
      runnerLimite ForceBergeon5N - 40N511624
    • Sensor-Kit
      nameversionmanufactureadditionitem No.
      Sensor-KitB-ForceBergeonmax. 200N511625
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