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  • watch spare parts
  • movements
  • Leather and metal bands
  • watch and clock batteries
  • jewellery spare parts
  • tools
  • machines
  • furnishings and Workshop Aids
  • earpiercing studs and jewellery
  • New

exchanging broaches

    nameversioncolourmanufactureitem No.
    broacheincl. MainspringredBoley511730
    broacheincl. MainspringgreyBoley511731
    broacheincl. MainspringblackBoley511732
    broacheincl. MainspringblueBoley511733
    broacheincl. MainspringyellowBoley511734
    broacheincl. MainspringgreenBoley511735
    broacheincl. MainspringvioletBoley511736
    broacheincl. MainspringbrownBoley511737
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