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Glass gripper set Junghans

Professional glass replacement for the Meister and Max-Bill by Junghans collections. This set enables the precise and proper setting of Junghans glasses without having to damage. Delivery in clear wooden box.

1 glass gripper 42.816-1000
1 gripper insert Ø 37.80 mm for max bill Chronoscope 42.816-0006
1 gripper insert Ø 35.80 mm for max bill Automatic 42.816-0007
1 gripper insert Ø 32.4 mm for max bill Hand-winding 42.816-0008
1 gripper insert Ø 30.7 mm for max bill Ladies‘ 42.816-0009
1 gripper insert Ø 37.75 mm for Meister Agenda, Chronoscope & Calendar 42.816-0010
1 gripper insert Ø 35.75 mm for Meister Classic, Automatic & Chronometer 42.816-0011
1 gripper insert Ø 35.10 mm for Meister Hand-winding 42.816-0012
2 glasses for max bill Chronoscope 42.197-2263
2 glasses for max bill Automatic 42.197-2262
2 glasses for max bill Hand-winding 42.197-2264
2 glasses for max bill Ladies‘ 42.197-2291
2 glasses with spacer for Meister Calendar & Agenda 42.197-2305
2 glasses for Meister Chronoscope 42.197-2272
2 glasses for Meister Classic, Automatic & Chronometer 42.197-2274
2 glasses for Meister Hand-winding 42.197-2289

2 glasses for Meister ladys 42.197-2318
1 glass holder 42.816-0030

nameversionmanufactureadditionitem No.
glass removercomplete setJunghansincluding glasses509070

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