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GemLightbox - The easiest way to photograph jewellery!

The GemLightbox is a revolutionary lighting environment that creates beautiful reflections, shiny metals and fantastic facets on gemstones. The ready-to-use Lightbox system for photographing jewellery is easy to use, practical and consistently good results. Thanks to its technical design, it is compatible with any smartphone and photographs jewellery in true colour and correctly exposed in just one click.

78% of customers prefer to see pictures on a white background. With GemLightbox, you can only create a natural white background with your smartphone. Take photos directly with your smartphone
and upload them to social networks or your online shop.

Goods receipt:
Take photos with your smartphone as soon as you receive your goods and use the pictures to evaluate or create your cost estimates.

No setup or training necessary:
Ready to use. We've created the perfect exposure no matter where your jewelry is in the GemLightbox.

Save time and money:
Take the photographing into your own hands. Get the photos you want.

For all types of jewelry:
100% color accuracy. Whether you photograph diamonds, precious stones or pearls of any kind and shape, with the GemLightbox you are well prepared.

Scope of supply: GemLightbox, photo table, magnetic tripod, stand for chains and earrings, smartphone holder, universal mains adapter.

Technical data:
Dimensions (W x D x H): 300 x 200 x 220 mm
Weight: 5.0 kg (gross), 4.5 kg (net)
Input power 100-240V, output power 12V 3.0A
Light temperature: combination of 4000 - 5000k lights

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GemLightboxPhoto studioLED lighting696085

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