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Antilope: Finest German saw blades for all precious metals and metals with high hardness Made in Germany

Super Pike: Vallorbe - best Swiss quality on metal saw blades

  • By purchase of three packing units of 144 pieces saw-blades of the brands "Antilope" or "Super Pike" - also sorted - you get 1 cutting wax (Art-No. 511425) free of charge!

    Promotion valid until 30.11.2019

    namePromotionArtikeladditionitem No.
    cutting wax15+16511425 free of chargesaw bladesPROMO15
  • Antilope

    Finest German saw blades for all precious metals and hard metals.

    Length: 130mm

    namemanufactureNo.dimensionscontentsitem No.
    saw bladesAntilope8/00.16 x 0.32 mm144 pieces514660
    saw bladesAntilope6/00.18 x 0.36 mm144 pieces514661
    saw bladesAntilope5/00.20 x 0.40 mm144 pieces514662
    saw bladesAntilope4/00.22 x 0.44 mm144 pieces514663
    saw bladesAntilope3/00.24 x 0.48 mm144 pieces514664
    saw bladesAntilope2/00.26 x 0.52 mm144 pieces514665
    saw bladesAntilope00.28 x 0.56 mm144 pieces514666
    saw bladesAntilope10.30 x 0.60 mm144 pieces514667
    saw bladesAntilope20.34 x 0.70 mm144 pieces514668
    saw bladesAntilope30.36 x 0.75 mm144 pieces514669
  • Super-Pike / Vallorbe

    Super-Pike Vallorbe - best Swiss quality of metal saw blades.

    Length: 130mm

    namemanufactureNo.dimensionscontentsitem No.
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe8/00.16 x 0.30 mm144 pieces514610
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe6/00.18 x 0.36 mm144 pieces514611
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe5/00.20 x 0.40 mm144 pieces514612
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe4/00.22 x 0.44 mm144 pieces514613
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe3/00.24 x 0.48 mm144 pieces514614
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe2/00.26 x 0.52 mm144 pieces514615
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe00.28 x 0.58 mm144 pieces514616
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe10.30 x 0.63 mm144 pieces514617
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe20.34 x 0.70 mm144 pieces514618
    sawbladesSuper-Pike Vallorbe30.36 x 0.74 mm144 pieces514619
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