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Bracelet screws shape PR/8 for RLX, suitable for end links and lbracelets, strong design. First quality.

Body-Ø: 0.95mm - 1.68mm
Thread-Ø: 0.80mm - 1.40mm
Material: Stainless steel

  • Separately
    nameshapelengthdiameterthreaditem No.
    bracelet screwsPR/88.80 mm0.95 mm0.80 mm875980088
    bracelet screwsPR/810.00 mm1.20 mm1.20 mm875980102
    bracelet screwsPR/810.00 mm1.40 mm1.40 mm875980104
    bracelet screwsPR/812.10 mm1.30 mm1.00 mm875980120
    bracelet screwsPR/814.40 mm1.60 mm1.20 mm875980142
    bracelet screwsPR/814.00 mm1.68 mm1.40 mm875980144
    bracelet screwsPR/815.50 mm1.20 mm1.20 mm875980152
    bracelet screwsPR/815.50 mm1.68 mm1.40 mm875980154
  • Assortment
    nameversionlengthshapethreadcontentsitem No.
    bracelet screwsassorted8.80 -19.50mmPR/80.80-1.40mm90 Pieces049889
  • Separately RLX
    nameversionØlengthcontentsitem No.
    knurled pinsRLX1.20 mm8.70 mm10 pieces049870
    knurled pinsRLX1.40 mm10.20 mm10 pieces049871
    knurled pinsRLX1.35 mm12.10 mm10 pieces049872
    knurled pinsRLX1.40 mm13.30 mm10 pieces049873
    knurled pinsRLX1.20 mm13.80 mm10 pieces049874
  • assortment
    nameversionØlengthcontentsitem No.
    knurled pins-assortmentknurled1.20 - 1.40 mm8.70 - 13.80 mm50 pieces049869

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