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platinum and titanium

Platinum and titanium polisher (shaft Ø 2.35 mm)

New high-performance polishers for platinum and titanium. Available in two grades: medium (grey polisher) for smoothing and fine (lilac polisher) for high-gloss polishing. Recommended speed range: 5,000 - max. 10,000 rpm.
    • mounted

      High-performance silicone polishers for platinum and titanium.

      Grit: medium (frey) and high-gloss (purple)

      Version: mounted
      rec. RPM: 7,000 - 10,000 min-1

      PU: 3 pcs.

      nameshapeapplicationcolourØ x Hitem No.
      silicone polishergarnetspre-polishgrey5 x 16571010
      silicone polishergarnetsHighshinelilac5 x 16571012
      silicone polisherrollerpre-polishgrey14 x 12571015
      silicone polisherrollerHighshinelilac14 x 12571017
      silicone polisherwheelpre-polishgrey14,5x​2571020
      silicone polisherwheelHighshinelilac14,5x​2571022
      silicone polisherlenspre-polishgrey14.5 x 2.5571025
      silicone polisherlensHighshinelilac14.5 x 2.5571027
    • unmounted

      High-performance silicone polishers for platinum and titanium.

      Grit: medium (frey) and high-gloss (purple)

      Version: unmounted
      rec. RPM: 7,000 - 10,000 min-1

      PU: 5 pcs.

      nameapplicationshapecolourØ x Hitem No.
      silicone polisherpre-polishwheelgrey22 x 3571050
      silicone polisherHighshinewheellilac22 x 3571052
      silicone polisherpre-polishlensgrey22 x 4571055
      silicone polisherHighshinelenslilac22 x 4571057
      silicone polisherpre-polishcylindergrey7 x 20571060
      silicone polisherHighshinecylinderlilac7 x 20571062
      silicone polisherpre-polishcylinder (small)grey3x​23571065
      silicone polisherHighshinecylinder (small)lilac3x​23571067
    • carrier
      namefigureversionitem No.
      disc-holderFig. 303small surface563100
      mountsFig. 301Lwith thread563102

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