BrandBREITLINGCaliber11Size13 3/4FunctionSC-CLD-AUT-CHRVersionHandsStem8057Stem (subs.)Stem (2 pce)Balance staff32715Balance staff (subs.)bestpassender Ersatz DCN 1814Mainspring (subs.)1,63x10,5x0,0105 AUTMainspring (subs.)= 4735 XBattery


Part NocaliberdescriptionoriginalArtno.
100Main plate jewelled9040010011
105barrel bridge9040010511
110Barrel and train wheel bridge9040011011
121/3Balance bridge9040012111
125Pallet bridge9040012511
145Dial support9040014511
163BCenter pipe9040016311
166Casing clamp9040016611
180/1BBarrel complete -with mainspring9040018011
195Core and ratchet wheel, riveted9040019511
200/1BLarge driving wheel + cannon pinion9040020011
210BThird wheel9040021011
225BSweep second wheel9040022511
243Free cannon pignon9040024311
260Minute wheel9040026011
307/1Rücker mit bewgl. Spiralklötzchen-Träger9040030711
324Incablock oben9040032411
325Incablock unten9040032511
364Stud support - flat hairspring9040036411
368Exzenter für Sprialklötzchenträger9040036811
401BWinding stem8028057
404Winding stem -female -mouv.part8038057
407BClutch wheel9040040711
410BWinding pignon with square hole9040041011
415= 11Ratchet wheel9040041511
417Intermediate ratchet wheel9040041711
420BCrown wheel9040042011
423Crown wheel core9040042311
424Intermediate crown wheel9040042411
430BClick spring9040043011
435Yoke spring9040043511
440Yoke spring9040044011
443BSetting lever assembled9040044311
445BSetting lever spring9040044511
450= 11Setting wheel9040045011
453BIntermediate setting wheel9040045311
462Minute train bridge9040046211
469Hour wheel maintaining small plate9040046911
705BEscape wheel -pinion straigt piv.9040070511
710Pallet fork -pinion 1 lower end-piec.9040071011
714Pallet staff9040071411
721BBalnace cplt. -for shock-absorber9040072111
723BBalance staff ST -shock-absorber80232715
771BMainspring AUT sliding attachemnet82047350
1141Lower bridge for automatic device9040114111
1142Upper bridge for automatic device9040114211
1143BOscillating weight9040114311
1428BStop click AUT9040142811
1480Reversing wheel9040148011
1481BReduction wheel AUT9040148111
1482BRatchet wheel driving wheel9040148211
1521Coupling Wheel9040152111
2535Date indicator maintaining plate9040253511
2543Intermediate date wheel No. 29040254311
2548Indicator setting wheel driving wheel9040254811
2556BDatumstern- / Datumanzeiger- Mitnehmerrad9040255611
2557date indicator9040255711
2558 (=250)BDoubel-toothed hour wheel9040255811
2575BDate jumper spring9040257511
2576Date jumper9040257611
5110screw- Barrel and train wheel bridge9040511011
51141screw - Lower bridge for automatic device= 51259040512511
51142screw - Upper bridge for automatic device= 51109040511011
51143screw - Oscillating weight assembled= 51259040512511
5121/3screw - Balance bridge= 51109040511011
5125screw - Pallet bridge9040512511
5166screw - Casing clamp9040516611
52535screw - Date indicator maintaining plate9045253511
5415Screw for crown wheel9040541511
5417Screw for interm. crown wheel9040541711
5420Screw for crown wheel9040542011
5424screw- Intermediate crown wheel= 51109040511011
5425Srew for click9040542511
5443BScrew for setting lever jumper9040544311
5445Screw for setting lever jumber9040544511
5462screw - Minute train bridge= 51259040512511
5738Schraube - Rundes Spiralklötzchen für Flachspirale9040573811
5750Schraube - Zifferblatt9040575011
58079/1screw - Coupling clutch f. oscillating pinion9045807911
58100screw - Sliding gear (30m), mounted9045810011
58105screw - Sliding gear bridge9045810511
58140screw - Operating lever chrono, 2 funct.= 58079/19045807911
58180screw - Fly-back lever -zero actoon9045818011
58200screw - Blocking lever, 2 functions9045820011
58220screw - Hammer, mounted, 2 functions= 581009045810011
58220(1)screw - Hammer, mounted, 2 functions9045822011
58270screw - Minute counter jumper9045827011
58290screw - Chronograph wheel friction9045829011
58356screw - Hammer cam jumper= 582709045827011
58500screw - Chronograph bridge= 582709045827011
58510screw - Chronograph module, assembled9045851011
58620screw - Hour counting wheel bridge= 582709045827011
58680screw - Hour hammer= 58079/19045807911
58705Schraube - Raste für Stundenzählrad9045870511
8000BChrono-Zentrumrad montiert (60sc)9040800011
8020BMinute counting wheel (30m)9040802011
8060BDriving wheel chrono9040806011
8079BCoupling clutch f. oscillating pinion9040807911
8086BSchwingtrieb (60sc)9040808611
8100BSliding gear (30m), mounted9040810011
8105Sliding gear bridge9040810511
8140BOperating lever chrono, 2 funct.9040814011
8180BFly-back lever -zero actoon9040818011
8200Blocking lever, 2 functions9040820011
8220Hammer, mounted, 2 functions9040822011
8270BMinute counter jumper9040827011
8271Stütze für Minutenzählrad-Sperre9040827111
8281Chronograph mechanism platform9040828111
8290Chronograph wheel friction9040829011
8323BKupplungsfeder für Schwingtrieb9040832311
8325Sternradwippenfeder zwei Funktionen9040832511
8335BOperating lever spring9040833511
8340BFly-back kever spring -zero action= 83359040833511
8356BSperre für Herzhebelbegrenzer9040835611
8403Exzenter f. Sternradwippen-Schwenkung9040840311
8405Exzenter für Kupplungs-Ausschaltung9040840511
8406Exzenter f. Fingereingriff= 84039040840311
8412Exzenter f. Schwingtrieb-Kupplungs-Anschlag9040841211
8500Chronograph bridge9040850011
8510Chronograph module, assembled9040851011
8620Hour counting wheel bridge9040862011
8631Verbindungsrad für Stundenzähler9040863111
8631Verbindungsrad für Stundenzähler9040863111
8680Hour hammer9040868011
8705Raste für Stundenzählrad= 82709040827011
8707Auflager für Stundenzählerraste9040870711
8730Hour hammer spring9040873011
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