Gucci 0850

GroupBrandPart NoDescriptionitem no.
crystalGucci111.54MINERAL CRYSTAL 0850
glace gasketGucci155.89CRYSTAL GASKET 0850 CLOCK
handsGucci70.973SET OF HNDS 0850 BLK W/TRITIUM
othersGucci950.909*MICRO FIBRE CLOTH GUCCI
Gucci168.22SCREW MOVEMENT 0850
Gucci168.23SCREW BASE 0850
Gucci168.83SCREW MODULE 0850/0870 (YEL)
Gucci168.84SCREW MODULE 0850/0870 (WHT)
Gucci174.0850.1BASE 0850 CLOCK (ENGRAVED)
Gucci174.0850.1WBASE 0850 CLOCK WHT
Gucci200.085WASHER FOR SWITCH 0850/0870
Gucci200.0850.3.1SALARM SWITCH 850/860/870 WHT
Gucci200.0850.3.1YALARM SWITCH 0850/0860 YEL
Gucci13.357BATTERY 357
Gucci150.0850.1BEZEL 0850 CLOCK
Gucci150.0850.1WBEZEL 0850 CLOCK WHT
Gucci152.0850.1CASE BACK 0850 CLOCK
Gucci152.0850.1WCASE BACK 0850 WHT
Gucci010.0850.2ALARM CLOCK MODULE 0850 WHITE
Gucci012.1QW411B*MVMT 1QW411B (0850)
Gucci013.E90LR1N*BATTERY E90 LR1 N
Gucci051.A145*DIAL 0850 WHT
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