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Drills (shaft=drillhead)

HSS twist drill parallel

Clockwise cutting, shaft and drill bit the same diameter.
nameVersionØPUitem No.
drill bitsHSS-steel0,30mm3 pieces568403
drill bitsHSS-steel0.40 mm3 pieces568404
drill bitsHSS-steel0.50 mm3 pieces568405
drill bitsHSS-steel0.60 mm3 pieces568406
drill bitsHSS-steel0.70 mm3 pieces568407
drill bitsHSS-steel0.80 mm3 pieces568408
drill bitsHSS-steel0.90 mm3 pieces568409
drill bitsHSS-steel1.00 mm3 pieces568410
drill bitsHSS-steel1,10mm3 pieces568411
drill bitsHSS-steel1.20 mm3 pieces568412
drill bitsHSS-steel1,30mm3 pieces568413
drill bitsHSS-steel1.40 mm3 pieces568414
drill bitsHSS-steel1.50 mm3 pieces568415
drill bitsHSS-steel1.60 mm3 pieces568416
drill bitsHSS-steel1,70mm3 pieces568417
drill bitsHSS-steel1.80 mm3 pieces568418
drill bitsHSS-steel1,90mm3 pieces568419
drill bitsHSS-steel2.00 mm3 pieces568420
drill bitsHSS-steel2.10 mm3 pieces568421
drill bitsHSS-steel2,20mm3 pieces568422
drill bitsHSS-steel2,30mm3 pieces568423
drill bitsHSS-steel2.40 mm3 pieces568424
drill bitsHSS-steel2.50 mm3 pieces568425
drill bitsHSS-steel2.60 mm3 pieces568426
drill bitsHSS-steel2.70 mm3 pieces568427
drill bitsHSS-steel2.80 mm3 pieces568428
drill bitsHSS-steel2.90 mm3 pieces568429
drill bitsHSS-steel3.00 mm3 pieces568430
drill bitsHSS-steel4.00 mm3 pieces568440

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