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Renata silver oxide batteries with over 40 different types of buttons.

Renata has developed its 0% mercury product line in close collaboration with the Swiss watch industry. Most well-known luxury brands in the Swiss watch industry use Renata batteries.

The new technology of our 0% mercury product line is based on the latest technology.

namebrandIEC-NO:systemdimensionsvoltsitem No.
301RenataSR43SWSi.-Ox.11.6 x 4.21.55353010
303RenataSR44SWSi.-Ox.11.6 x 5.41.55353030
309RenataSR754SWSi.-Ox.7.9 x 5.41.55353090
315RenataSR716SWSi.-Ox.7.9 x 1.61.55353150
317RenataSR516SWSi.-Ox.5.8 x 1.61.55353170
319RenataSR527SWSi.-Ox.5.8 x 2.71.55353190
321RenataSR616SWSi.-Ox.6.8 x 1.61.55353210
329RenataSR731SWSi.-Ox.7.9 x 3.11.55353290
335RenataSR512SWSi.-Ox.5.8 x 1.21.55353350
337RenataSR416SWSi.-Ox.4.8 x 1.61.55353370
339RenataSR614SWSi.-Ox.6.8 x 1.41.55353390
341RenataSR714SWSi.-Ox.7.9 x 1.41.55353410
344RenataSR1136SWSi.-Ox.11.6 x 3.61.55353440
346RenataSR712SWSi.-Ox.7.9 x 1.21.55353460
357RenataSR44WSi.-Ox.11.6 x 5.41.55353570
350RenataSR42WSi.-Ox.11.6 x 3.61.55353500
361RenataSR721WSi.-Ox.7.9 x 2.11.55353610
362RenataSR721SWSi.-Ox.7.9 x 2.11.55353620
364RenataSR621SWSi.-Ox.6.8 x 2.11.55353640
365RenataSR1116WSi.-Ox.11.6 x 1.61.55353650
366RenataSR1116SWSi.-Ox.11.6 x 1.61.55353660
370RenataSR920WSi.-Ox.9.5 x 2.01.55353700
371RenataSR920SWSi.-Ox.9.5 x 2.01.55353710
373RenataSR916SWSi.-Ox.9.5 x 1.61.55353730
376RenataSR626WSi.-Ox.6.8 x 2.61.55353760
377RenataSR626SWSi.-Ox.6.8 x 2.61.55353770
379RenataSR521SWSi.-Ox.5.8 x 2.11.55353790
380RenataSR938WSi.-Ox.9.5 x 3.61.55353800
381RenataSR1120SWSi.-Ox.11.6 x 2.11.55353810
384RenataSR41SWSi.-Ox.7.9 x 3.61.55353840
386RenataSR43WSi.-Ox.11.6 x 4.21.55353860
389RenataSR1130WSi.-Ox.11.6 x 3.11.55353890
390RenataSR1130SWSi.-Ox.11.6 x 3.11.55353900
391RenataSR1120WSi.-Ox.11.6 x 2.11.55353910
392RenataSR41WSi.-Ox.7.9 x 3.61.55353920
393RenataSR754WSi.-Ox.7.9 x 5.41.55353930
394RenataSR936SWSi.-Ox.9.5 x 3.61.55353940
395RenataSR927SWSi.-Ox.9.5 x 2.71.55353950
396RenataSR726WSi.-Ox.7.9 x 2.61.55353960
397RenataSR726SWSi.-Ox.7.9 x 2.61.55353970
399RenataSR927WSi.-Ox.9.5 x 2.71.55353990

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