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Badeco micromotors of top-class with extremely high torque and excellent maneurverability. Also suitable for continous use. They guarantees extremely smooth and vibration-free running with extremely little noise.
  • Micromotor M4 ASF
    namemanufacturemodelversionRPMTorqueitem No.
    micromotorBadecoM4ASFstandard package20.000 RPM24.7 cNm692040
    micromotorBadecoM4ASFsetter package20.000 RPM24.7 cNm692042
  • Micromotor M1 Portable
    namemanufacturemodelversionRPMTorqueitem No.
    micromotorBadecoM1Portable30.000 RPM8.5 cNm692032
  • Micromotor MX-1
    namemanufacturemodelversionRPMTorqueitem No.
    micromotorBadecoMX-1Strong-Vario20.000 RPM24.7 cNm692029
    micromotorBadecoMX-1Strong20.000 RPM24.7 cNm692030
    micromotorBadecoMX-1Light30.000 RPM15.5 cNm692031
  • Micromotor MX-4
    namemanufacturemodelversionRPMTorqueitem No.
    micromotorBadecoMX-4Evolution20.000 RPM24.7 cNm692035
    micromotorBadecoMX-4 TouchEvolution20.000 RPM24.7 cNm692036
  • handpiece
    nameversionshaft Ømanufacturetypeitem No.
    hand-piecequick-release2.35 mmBadeco450692045
    hand-piecethree-jaw chuck0-4,50mmBadeco380692046
  • Rivetting and setting mallet
    nameversionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    rivetting malletriveting hammerBadeco318 Combi692049
    reduction gear4:1BadecoM4-RS400692037
  • collets
    nameversionsizemanufacturecontentsitem No.
    colletSchnellwechselØ 2.35 mmBadeco1 piece694050
    colletstandardØ 0.55 mmBadeco1 piece694021
    colletstandardØ 0.80 mmBadeco1 piece694022
    colletstandardØ 1.05 mmBadeco1 piece694023
    colletstandardØ 1.55 mmBadeco1 piece694024
    colletstandardØ 2.05 mmBadeco1 piece694025
    colletstandardØ 2.35 mmBadeco1 piece694026
    colletstandardØ 2.55 mmBadeco1 piece694027
    colletstandardØ 3.05 mmBadeco1 piece694028
    colletstandardØ 3.20 mmBadeco1 piece694029
    colletsstandardAssortmentBadeco9 pieces692048
  • Rivet inserts
    nameversionsizemanufacturecontentsitem No.
    tips for malletassortedBadeco9 pieces694018
    tips for malletunhardenedØ 4.00 mmBadeco1 piece694030
    tips for malletround, smoothØ 0.50 mmBadeco1 piece694031
    tips for malletround, smoothØ 1.00 mmBadeco1 piece694032
    tips for malletround, smoothØ 2.10 mmBadeco1 piece694033
    tips for malletround, smoothØ 2.50 mmBadeco1 piece694034
    tips for malletround, grovedØ 2.10 mmBadeco1 piece694035
    tips for malletround, concaveØ 0.80 mmBadeco1 piece694036
    tips for malletround, concaveØ 1.00 mmBadeco1 piece694037
    tips for malletrectangle, smooth0.50 x 1.00 mmBadeco1 piece694038
    tips for malletrectangle, smooth0.80 x 1.50 mmBadeco1 piece694039
    tips for malletrectangle, smooth1.00 x 2.00 mmBadeco1 piece694040
    tips for malletrectangle, smooth1.20 x 2.50 mmBadeco1 piece694041
    tips for malletrectangle, grooved1.20 x 2.50 mmBadeco1 piece694042
    tips for malletoval, grooved2.10 x 1.20 mmBadeco1 piece694043
    tips for malletsquare, smooth1.00 x 1.00 mmBadeco1 piece694044
    tips for malletsquare, smooth1.60 x 1.60 mmBadeco1 piece694045
    tips for malletHSS, pointØ 2.50 mmBadeco1 piece694046
    tips for malletcarbide, pointØ 2.50 mmBadeco1 piece694047
    tips for malletHSS, point - angle2.50 mm x 45°Badeco1 piece694048
    tips for malletcarbide, point - angle2.50 mm x 45°Badeco1 piece694049
  • accessories
    nameversionmanufacturemodelitem No.
    micro-motorwith cableBadecoRS2000692041
    foot pedalvarioBadecoPC750692043
    foot pedalvarioBadecoPC800692028
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