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Pin-vices in best quality and different finishes.
  • pin-vices brass - square
    with two interchangeable chucks.
    nameversionopeninglengthcontentsitem No.
    Pin vicesAssortment0.0-4.0 mm70-120mm5 pieces511350
    pin vicerectangular0,0-1,5mm70 mm1 piece511351
    pin vicerectangular0,0-1,8mm80 mm1 piece511352
    pin vicerectangular0.0-3.0 mm100mm1 piece511355
    pin vicerectangular0.0-3.5 mm110 mm1 piece511356
    pin vicerectangular0.0-4.0 mm120mm1 piece511357
  • pin-vices brass - round
    with one fix chuck.
    nameversionopeninglengthcontentsitem No.
    pin viceAssortment0.0-2.5 mm80-120mm3 pieces511360
    pin viceround0.0-0.8 mm80 mm1 piece511364
    pin viceround0.0-1.2 mm100mm1 piece511365
    pin viceround1.4-2.5mm120mm1 piece511366
  • pin-vices steel hardened

    with hardened steel chucks.

    nameversionopeninglengthcontentsitem No.
    pin viceAssortment0.0-3.0 mm90-120mm3 pieces511339
    pin viceround0.0-0.5 mm80 mm1 piece511342
    pin viceround0,5-1,5 mm90 mm1 piece511343
    pin viceround1.0-2.0 mm100mm1 piece511344
    pin viceround2.0-3.0 mm120mm1 piece511345
    pin viceround3.0-4.0 mm130 mm1 piece511346
  • Double pin-vice square
    With two clamping heads.
    nameversionopeninglengthcontentsitem No.
    Double pin-vicerectangular0.0-3.2mm115mm1 piece511358
  • Double pin-vice round
    with two clamping heads.
    nameversionopeninglengthcontentsitem No.
    pin viceround0.0 - 3.0mm110 mm1 piece511353
  • pin-vice with slide locking
    nameversionopeninglengthcontentsitem No.
    pin-vicemit Schieber0-1.5mm110 mm1 piece517353
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