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Epilam coating is a surface treatment which reduces the surface tension of the carrying material with the aim of preventing oil creeping away from desired lubricating points.
    • Epilame Fixodrop
      namedescriptiontypemanufacturecontentsitem No.
      EpilameFixodrop ES/BS-108981Moebius100 ml581570
      EpilameFixodrop ES/BS-108981Moebius250 ml581571
      EpilameFixodrop ES/BS-108981Moebius1 liter581572
    • Epilame Episurf
      namedescriptiontypemanufacturecontentsitem No.
      EpilameEpisurfNeoSurfactis100 ml581588
    • Epilame Antispread

      Drying takes place at 20 °C (room temperature)

      namedescriptiontypemanufacturecontentsitem No.
      EpilameAntispreadE2/200Etsyntha30 ml581576
    • immersion lubricant
      ETA immersion lubricant solutions for click-wheels or automatic watch ball-bearings.
      nameapplicationtypemanufacturecontentsitem No.
      immersion lubricantAUT index wheelsV105Lubeta10 ml581580
      immersion lubricantAUT index wheelsV105Lubeta100 ml581581
      immersion lubricantAUT ball-bearingsV106Lubeta10 ml581582
      immersion lubricantAUT ball-bearingsV106Lubeta100 ml581583
    • Special bottle
      nameversionadditionitem No.
      special bottleLubeta - Fixodropwith special closure581574
      basketDelrinfor special bottle581575
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