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polisher / grinder

High-quality polishing and grinding pastes recommended by the industry and intended for different applications and materials.
    • polishing agent Luxor

      Dimensions (Ø x L): 30 x 80 mm

      Weight: 110 g

      nameapplicationcolourfield of applicationitem No.
      polishing compoundfor freshening uppink; magentaall metals515879
      polishing compoundremoving scratchesgreenall metals515874
      polishing compoundpre-polishgreyplatinum515876
      polishing compoundhigh-gloss polishbluenon-ferrous metals515875
      polishing compoundhigh-gloss polishwhiteplatinum, white gold, stainless steel515872
      polishing compoundhigh-gloss polishyellowyellow- and red gold515877
      polishing compoundmirror finishorangeall precious metals + platinum515878
      polishing compoundselectionsortedall applications515870
    • Polinum
      nameapplicationcontentsfield of applicationitem No.
      Polinumsuper finish125 gwhite, yellow and rose gold515998
    • Polinoxx
      nameapplicationfield of applicationcontentsitem No.
      Polinoxxsuper finishplatinum, titanium, stainless steel125 g515997
    • Sternkreuz polishing paste
      nameapplicationfield of applicationcolourcontentsitem No.
      Plexiglas polishhigh-gloss polishPlexiglassesbrown300 g515954
    • Unipol
      nameapplicationcontentsfield of applicationitem No.
      Unipol bluepre-polish750 gall metals515985
      Unipol whitefine grinding750 gall metals515986
    • polishing paste Unipol
      nameapplicationfield of applicationcontentsitem No.
      polishing paste Unipolhand-polishingall metals50 ml515980
    • polishing cream
      nameapplicationfield of applicationcontentsitem No.
      polishing creamhand-polishingall metals125 g515956
    • Polywatch
      nameversionmanufactureitem No.
      Plastic PolishplexiglassesPolywatch515952
      Glass Polishcrystal glassesPolywatch515950
    • polishing powder Diamantine
      namematerialcontentsitem No.
      polishing powder DiamantineDiamantine20 g515901
      polishing powder DiamantineDiamantine100 g515902
      polishing powder DiamantineDiamantine1000 g515903
    • carborundum emery paste
      namematerialgrain sizecontentsitem No.
      emery paste carborundumsilicon carbide100 (fine)50 g515921
      emery paste carborundumsilicon carbide80 (medium)50 g515922
      emery paste carborundumsilicon carbide60 (coarse)50 g515923
    • diluting oil
      nameversionadditioncontentsitem No.
      diluting oilfor mixingof polishing powder25 ml515909
    • pumice stone
      nameversionitem No.
      pumice stonesolid515907
    • polishing agent industry
      nameapplicationfield of applicationcontentsitem No.
      polishing pastepre-polishall metals1000 g506985
      polishing pastepre-polishall metals500 g506984
      polishing pastesuper finishplatinum, titanium, stainless steel500 g506980
      polishing pastesuper finishwhite, yellow and rose gold500 g506982
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