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Magnetic bracelet clasps. One-hand opening and closing combination of sliding and magnetic clasp.
  • nameØversionalloyunititem No.
    magnetic clasp13,5x​5,0mm2-rowsS 925/- rhodium-plated1497022
    magnetic clasp18,5x​5,0mm3-rowsS 925/- rhodium-plated1497023
    magnetic clasp23,5x​5,0mm4-rowsS 925/- rhodium-plated1497021
    magnetic clasp28,7x​5,0mm5-rowS 925/- rhodium-plated1497018
  • nameØversionalloyunititem No.
    magnetic clasp13,5x​5,0mm2-rowssilver gold-plated1497322
    magnetic clasp18,5x​5,0mm3-rowssilver gold-plated1497323
  • nameØversionalloyunititem No.
    magnetic clasp18,5x​5,0mm3-rowsYG 585/-1497223
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