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cleaning accessories

  • airduster
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    air dustercompressed airBoley400 ml511228
  • dust blower
    nameversionmanufactureadditionitem No.
    dust blowerolive shapeBoleyPremium511234
    dust blowerpear shapeBoleyPremium511235
  • cleaning products
    namemanufactureversionitem No.
    cleaning productBergeonRodico507840
    cleaning productBergeonRodico Premium507835
    cleaning productBoleyRub-Off507841
  • GlassPen
    nameversionmanufactureitem No.
    cleaning penwaterproofGlassPen511238
    replacement tiptriangularGlassPen511239
    replacement tipround - flatGlassPen511240
    replacement tipround - conkaveGlassPen511241
  • elder pith
    nameversionqualitycontentsitem No.
    pithwoodrod-shapedRoyal Pith (Premium)10 pieces513801
    pithwooddisc-shapedRoyal Pith (Premium)12 pieces513804
    pithwooddisc-shapedImport10 pieces513803
  • cleaning sticks
    nameWood typediameterunititem No.
    pegwoodHainbuche2 mm1 bunch513875
    pegwoodHainbuche3 mm1 bunch513876
    pegwoodHainbuche5 mm1 bunch513877
    pegwoodHainbuche6mm1 bunch513878
    pegwoodSpindle-tree2 mm1 bunch513825
    pegwoodSpindle-tree3 mm1 bunch513826
    pegwoodSpindle-tree5 mm1 bunch513827
    pegwoodSpindle-tree6mm1 bunch513828
  • cleaning stick
    nameversionmateriallengthitem No.
    polystyrene sticksflat + pointedpolystyrene135 mm513821
  • contact cleaner
    nameadditionversionitem No.
    contact cleanerrubber pencilpencil shape507813
  • plastic sticks
    nameversionmateriallengthitem No.
    polystyrene sticksflat + pointedpolyamide150 mm513820
    polystyrene stickscurved + pointedpolyamide150 mm513822
    polystyrene stickssetpolyamide150 mm513819
  • transparent plastic sticks
    nameversiondiameterlengthitem No.
    plastic sticksclear3.0 mm100 mm513815
    plastic sticksclear4.0 mm150 mm513816
    plastic sticksclear5.0 mm150 mm513817
    plastic sticksclear6.0 mm200 mm513818
  • benzine cups
    namediameterversionadditionitem No.
    essence jar50 mmlid with knobground edge508791
    essence jar60 mmlid with knobground edge508792
    essence jar80 mmlid with knobground edge508793
    essence jar60 mmlid without knobclosing from the outside508802
    essence jar80 mmlid without knobclosing from the outside508803
    essence jar100 mmlid without knobclosing from the outside508805
    essence jar150 mmlid without knobclosing from the outside508806
    benzine cups240 mmwith safety lidsheet steel508815
  • benzine dispenser
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    solvent dispenserlid with pump functionBoley180 ml508810
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