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M20 V3

Save up to 15% with the M20 Starter Packages vs. individual compilation.

The new compact M20 V3 engraving machine is the ideal solution for jewellery, engraving plates and personalization. Thanks to the modular design, the engraving machine can be adapted to your needs. More power through increased engine power with improved stability and ergonomics, ensuring optimal engraving results.

  • starter packages
    nameversionadditionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    starter packagestandardGravostyleGravographM20 V3689099
    starter packageJewellerGravostyleGravographM20 V3689098
  • Gravograph M20 V3
    namemanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    graving machineGravographM20 StandardFlat engraving689070
    graving machineGravographM20 JewelCombination engraving689075
    graving machineGravographM20 PenSchreibgeräte689083
    softwareGravographGravoStyle 8 Discoverycreative689062
    softwareGravographGravoStyle 8 Discovery MaxIndustry689064
    upgradeGravographfrom Discovery to Maxextension689058
    softwareGravographPhotostylePicture and photo engravings689063
    font packGravographM20105 fonts689059
  • Dedicace
    nameversionmanufactureVariantitem No.
    DedicacetabletGravographwith cable689045
    SoftwareDedicaceGravographGravoStyle 8689049
    Replacement blockDedicaceGravograph100 sheets689047
  • finger print
    nameversionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    fingerprintincl. ScriptGravographM10 / M20689074
    fingerprint with softwareincl. GS 8 Discovery MaxGravographM10 / M20689073
  • diamond tip
    nameversionmanufactureitem No.
    engraving diamondSpindle adapterGravograph690045
  • OneCut / TwinCut
    nameversionmeasurementmaterialitem No.
    OneCut diamondKonisch 120°0,10mmfor jewellery689090
    OneCut cutterConical 22.5°0,10mmfür Kugelschreiber689140
    TwinCut cutterConical 22.5°0.25mmfor plastics689121
    TwinCut cutterConical 22.5°0.32mmfor plastics689122
    TwinCut cutterConical 22.5°0,50mmfor plastics689123
    TwinCut cutterConical 22.5°0.75mmfor plastics689124
    TwinCut cutterConical 22.5°1,00mmfor plastics689125
    TwinCut cutterConical 30.0°0.25mmfor jewellery689091
    TwinCut cutterConical 30.0°0.32mmfor jewellery689092
    TwinCut cutterConical 30.0°0,50mmfor jewellery689093
    TwinCut cutterConical 30.0°0.75mmfor jewellery689094
    TwinCut cutterConical 35.0°0.25mmfor metals689131
    TwinCut cutterConical 35.0°0.32mmfor metals689132
    TwinCut cutterConical 35.0°0,50mmfor metals689133
    TwinCut cutterConical 35.0°0.75mmfor metals689134
    TwinCut cutterConical 35.0°1,00mmfor metals689135
    TwinCut cuttersstarter packageselectionfor jewellery689076
  • depth controller
    namemanufacturetypeitem No.
    depth controllerGravographM20J690162
  • protection wraps
    nameversionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    protection tubesfor ring clamping elementGravographM20689072
  • upgrade kit juweler
    nameversionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    upgrade kitfor rings / braceletsGravographM20 V3689082
  • upgrade kit writing instruments
    nameversionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    upgrade kitfor writing instrumentsGravographM20 V3689081
  • upgrade kit ring clamps
    nameversionmanufacturetypeitem No.
    upgrade kitRing clamps kitGravographM20 V3689086
    Ring ClampssingleGravographM20 V3689087
  • cover
    namemanufacturetypeitem No.
    security coverGravographM20 V3689079
  • extraction system
    namemanufacturetypeitem No.
    suction systemGravographM20J689068

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