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For best results by descaling and pickling of jewelery!


Deoxidation and jewellery pickling “Oxid-Ex”

The OXID-EX is a ready-for-use surface deoxidation of gold, silver and gold plated jewellery. Removes all oxide and sulphide layers. Removes flux and brazing, such as borax. Cyanide-free solution for ultrasonic machines, which can also ge used by dip and wipe cleaning.

• cold pickling
• jewelry pickling
• deoxidation

Application as a dip:
Put items into the cleaning basket and immerse for a few seconds. Rinse with water and dry.

Caution: Unsuitable for pearls, corals as well as soft stones. Use separate baths for gold and silver.

Application in the pickling or ultrasonic device:
Heat to 60 - 80 degrees C° and sonic it for about 3-4 minutes. Do not use without a beaker in ultrasonic machines!

Cyanide-free solution! Thus less toxic as Renovirin. Alternative to Tickopur, J80U, Noble Clean, Ultrapoon S and Novalin D.

Version: incl. immersion basket
Content: 1000ml
PU: 1 / 6 pcs.

***** Please Note *****
This product is part of the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packing) Regulation.


Versiondeoxidation & pickling


contents1 litre

item No.507290

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