Safty data sheets

SILVER POLISH Silver care solution 100ml507100
SILVER BATH Cutlery cleaner 580ml507103
SILVER CLEAN Silver jewellery bath 150ml507104
FINE STONE CLEAN care solution 150ml507105
JEWEL CLEAN Jewel care solution 150ml507106
SILVER CARE Silver cleaning agent 150ml507108
SILVER DUSTER Silver cloth 35x​55cm507111
ULTRASONIC JEWEL CLEAN Goldpf.m. 2000ml507112
SILVER GLOVES polishing gloves Pair507114
FINE STONE CLOTH Cleaning cloth 30x​36cm507115
STAINLESS STEEL CLOTH Pflegetuch 30x​36cm507118
PRECIOUS STONES PENCIL Pflegestift 4ml507138
SILVER BATH Silver jewellery bath 150ml507204
GOLD BATH Gold jewellery bath 150ml507206
Gold & Silver foam 100ml507220
Schmuckpflege Spray 30ml507225
Silver cleaning bath 1000ml507230
Gold and jewel cleaning bath 1000ml507232
Jewellery cleaner 1:20 Workshop 1000ml507280
Watch cleaner 1:20 Concentrate 1000ml507285
Oxid-Ex Deoxidation solution 1000ml507290
Disinfectant f.surfaces Fugaten 500ml507312
Label remover KLEB-EX Cont.:200ml507740
Deruster BERGEON Cont.: 50g507751
Screw loosening fluid SCREW-LOOSE 6ml507753
Protective lacquer Plastik 400ml507755
Protective lacquer Rouge 400ml507758
Leakage test spray CRC Cont.:400ml507770
Luminous paste WatchLumi - YELLOW 2g507795
UHU BOOSTER UV-glue colourless 3g507800
JB WELD 2-components glue Cont.: 56g507810
Contact cleaner Contaclean Cont.:200ml507811
LOCTITE AA 3491 LC UV Klebstoff 25ml507812
LOCTITE AA 3494 LC UV Klebstoff 25ml507814
LOCTITE AA 350 UV Klebstoff 250ml507815
Plexiglass cement HYPOCEMENT Cont.:9 ml507816
BEAD CORD GLUE special glue GRIFFIN507817
FORASEPT Ear care cosmeticum 7.5ml 12pcs507822
Disinfectant f. the skin HOSPISEPT 250ml507828
LOCTITE 243 thread-locker glue 5ml507830
Cleaning product RODICO GREEN Bergeon507840
Mordant Universal ALLPEX 500g507856
LOCTITE 222 thread-locker glue 10ml507861
LOCTITE 290 thread-locker glue 10ml507863
Ceramic flux FIRESCOFF Cont.: 30ml507867
Luminous paste BERGEON Yellow507891
Luminous paste BERGEON White507895_1
Luminous paste BERGEON White507895_2
Luminous paste BERGEON White507895_3
Luminous paste BERGEON ORANGE507896
Lacquer f. luminous paste BERGEON 1g507897
Thinner for luminious paste Bergeon 1g507898
UNIVERSAL Solvent and Cleaner Cont.:10g507902
AKTIVATOR Plus Accelerator Cont.:10ml507903
UNIVERAL 100 Instant glue Cont.:10g507911
Metal glue LOCTITE 601 Cont.:10ml507916
LOCTITE 401 Instant Glue Cont.: 5g507917
LOCTITE 406+770 Polyolefin glue Set507918
LOCTITE 454 Instant adhesive gel Cont.3g507919
Flux Degussa H Cont.:100ml507934
Borax liquid flux Cont.:1000ml507937
Flux liquid Fluoron Cont.:1000ml507943
Test acid in bottle GG 333/- 8ct. 20ml507955
Test acid in bottle Silver AG 20ml507958
Test acid in bottle Stainless Steel 20ml507959
Test acid in bottle AU 900/- 21.6ct.20ml507960
Test acid in bottle Platinum 20ml507961
Konstrastol for test stone 20ml507962
Nickel test ready-to-use solution 20ml507980
LUNA Silver cleaning powder Cont.:100g507985
Abdecklack rot für Galvanik 100ml507986
Masking lacquer elastic ERKOSKIN 50ml507990
Elma WF PRO Cleaning solution 5 Ltr.508002
ELMA 1:9 Cleaning solution Cont.:1 Ltr.508003
ELMA 1:9 Cleaning solution Cont.:25 Ltr.508006
ELMA SUPROL PRO Rinsing solution 5.0 Ltr508015
L&R Cleaning solution #111 Cont.:3.8 Ltr508025
L&R Reinigungslösung #566 Inh.:3,8 Ltr508026
L&R Rinsing solution #3 Cont.:3.8 Ltr508028
BONTECH S+ rinsing solution Cont.:5 Ltr508036
Novalin D Entoxidationsmittel508045
BONTECH R cleaning solution Cont.:5 Ltr508052
BONTECH S rinsing solution Cont.:5 Ltr508054
J80 U Entoxydationsmittel Inh.:1 Ltr508066
ELMA EC95 Intensiv cleaner Cont.: 1 ltr.508086
ELMA EC95 Intensiv cleaner Cont.: 5 ltr.508088
ELMA EC90 Intensiv cleaner Cont.: 1 ltr.508100
GALVEX SU 737 Cleaning solution 1 Ltr.508105
Seal grease in spongebox BOLEY508153
UNIMIX Trockenschmiermittel Inh.:2,5 Ltr508169
Polishing compound ROTOL Cont.: 1 Ltr.508187
LOCTITE 242 thread-locker glue 10ml508200
LOCTITE 638 Buchsen-/Fugenkleber :10ml508202
Metal glue LOCTITE 648 Cont.:10ml508204
Butan gaz bottle 70ml MICROGORCH II510509
Butane gas - flammable MINIFLAM 400ml510513
Oxygen gaz bottle 1000ml MICRTORCH II510514
Air duster BOLEY Cont.:400ml511228
Drilling and cutting oil PRESSOL 100ml511424
Adhesive spray 3M N.75 Scotch-Weld 500ml515809
Degreasing spray ECORANGE 3M 500ml515810
POLYWATCH Glass Polish Set Cont.:2x 0.5g515950
POLYWATCH Watch Portector 2-steps Set515951_1
POLYWATCH Watch Portector 2-steps Set515951_2
POLYWATCH Plastic Polish Cont.: 5ml515952
High-shine polishing cream Cont:125g515956
Polishing agent for S/S P126 1.3kg515958
Metal-polishing agent UNIPOL Cont.:125ml515980
Polishing agent POLINOXX Cont.:100g515997
Polishing agent POLINUM Cont.:100g515998
Gold Lot Spulenform GG750579081
Silber Lot Spulenform Inh.:2gr. S 675579101
Gold Lot Spulenform Inh.:2gr. GG333579113
Gold Lot Spulenform Inh.:2gr. GG585579121
Watch oil No.1-3 ETSYNTHA Cont.:3,5ml581501
Watch oil No. 3-5 ETSYNTHA Cont.:20ml581504
Uhrenöl Turmuhrenöl ETSYNTHA 240ml581509
Watch grease ETSYNTHA R27 Tube: 7ml581515
Watch grease ETSYNTHA B52 Cont.:7ml581516
Uhrenfett K7132 blau ETSYNTHA Inhalt 10g581519
Uhrenöl B Silber ETSYNTHA 5ml581525
Watch oil Clock 859 ETSYNTHA Cont.:10ml581526
Uhrenfett Clock ETSYNTHA 859-8 + PTFE 7g581528
Watch oil f.pendulums MOEBIUS 8030 20ml581543
Watch oil for clocks MOEBIUS 8040 20ml581544
Watch oil quartz MOEBIUS 9000 2ml581560
Epilam Fixodrop FK/BS MOEBIUS 8941 100ml581570
Epilam Antispread E2 /200 ETSYNTHA 45g581576
Epilam Antispread E2 /200 ETSYNTHA 45g581576
Immersion lubricant LUBETA V105 10ml581580
Immersion lubricant LUBETA V106 10ml581582
Epilame EPISURF Neo 50ml581587
Watch grease f.mainsp. MOEBIUS 8201 20ml581608
Watch grease f.mainsp. MOEBIUS 8200 20ml581610
Watch grease f.mspring MOEBIUS 8213 20ml581611
Uhrenfett Autom.Feder MOEBIUS 8212 20ml581612
Watch grease MOEBIUS 8207 50ml581614
Watch grease MOEBIUS 8300 50ml581615
Watch grease MOEBIUS 8300 50ml581615
Friction grease MOEBIUS 9501 10ml581621
Friction grease MOEBIUS 9504 10ml581623
Watch grease Molykote DX Cont.:50g581635
Watch grease spec. Fomblin UT18 Cont:20g581640
Silicone spray for duromers 400ml604167_1
Silicone spray for duromers 400ml604167_2
Gravoxyd for blackening brass 100ml690350
Aloxide zum Schwärzen v.Aluminium 100ml690351
Polishing compound Cont.:1000ml692155
Grinding compound SC13 Cont.: 1 Ltr.692920
Evaporator liquid BLQ 1800 1000ml695377
Electrolythe liquid, ready-to-use 1000ml695421
Flussmittel Flux E 1000ml695423
Degreasing bath (salt) Cont.:80g695610
Hard bright goldplating YELLOW GOLD 1055695620
Hard bright goldplating PALE YELLOW 2010695621
Hard bright goldplating FINE GOLD 1000695622
Hard bright goldplating REDDISH G. 7500695623
Hard bright goldplating ROSÉ GOLD 6005695624
Goldplattierbad Rosé flüssig Inh.:1Ltr695629
Gold-plating bath 750SC liquid Cont.: 1l695630
Rhodium bath WHITE w.2g RH Cont.:100ml695635
High-shine silver bath 30g AG 1 Ltr.695640
Rhodium bath WHITE w.1g RH Cont.:100ml695641
Silberbad JE60 - cyanidfrei 1000ml695643
Platinum bath WHITE w.2.5g PT Cont:1 Ltr695648
Platinbad SCHWARZ m. 2,5g PT Inh.:1 Ltr.695649
Kupferbad cyanidisch Inh.:1Ltr695650
Goldstripper 100 Cont.:1 ltr695663
Rhodiumbad WEISS JE88 2g Rh/l 1000ml695690
Rhodium tincture Magic-Rhodium 15ml695730
COLORIT Tighter Glycerin-Öl Inh.:1000ml696058
Aktivator Link -Stift VIVACOLOR Inh.:1g696078
Activator Bond Syringe VIVACOLOR Cont.3g696079
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