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Dr. Tillwich Etsyntha

Precision greases, watch and instrument oils, as well as epilam coatings from Dr. Tillwich "Etsyntha" from German production. An ageing stabilisation combined with a corrosion protection ensures the use in the field of watch technology.

  • part-synthetic oils
    The part-synthetic oils replace the classical oils used up to now.
    nameVersionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    watch oilwrist and pocket-watchesDr. Tillwich EtsynthaNos. 1-33.5 ml581501
    clock oil (dispenser)wall /clocksDr. Tillwich EtsynthaNos. 3-58 ml581508
    clock oilwall /clocksDr. Tillwich EtsynthaNos. 3-520 ml581504
    clock oilwall /clocksDr. Tillwich EtsynthaNos. 3-5100 ml581505
  • Clock 859
    nameVersionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    clock oil (dispenser)clocks with dispenserDr. Tillwich EtsynthaClock 8598 ml581527
    clock oilclocksDr. Tillwich EtsynthaClock 85910 ml581526
  • Silver B
    nameVersionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    watch oilrotor- / balance bearingDr. Tillwich Etsynthasilver B5 ml581525
  • winding spring oil
    nameVersionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    clock oilwinder-spring oilDr. Tillwich Etsynthawith graphite oil50 ml581510
  • tower clock oil
    nameVersionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    clock oiltower-clocksDr. Tillwich Etsyntha240 ml581509
  • Etsyntha R27
    nameVersionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    precision greaseAufzug/SchalthebelDr. Tillwich EtsynthaR277g581515
  • Etsyntha B52
    nameVersionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    precision greaseRemontoir greaseDr. Tillwich EtsynthaB527g581516
  • Etsyntha K7132
    nameVersionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    precision greaseAnkerfettDr. Tillwich EtsynthaK713210 g581519
  • Etsyntha 859-8 PTFE
    nameVersionmanufacturetypeaddition 1contentsitem No.
    precision greasefor mainspring barrelsDr. Tillwich EtsynthaClock 859-8mit PTFE7g581528
  • Epilame Antispread

    Drying takes place at 20 °C (room temperature)

    namedescriptiontypemanufacturecontentsitem No.
    EpilameAntispreadE2/200Dr. Tillwich Etsyntha30 ml581576
    EpilameAntispreadE2/200Dr. Tillwich Etsyntha150ml581577
    EpilameAntispreadE2/200Dr. Tillwich Etsyntha900ml581578

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