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LOCTITE adhesives in various versions, such as instant glues, threadlocking, retaining adhesives, light-cure adhesives.
  • Loctite Instant Adhesives
    Highly transparent and universally applicable instant adhesive in liquid or gel form.
    namemanufactureVersionHand strengthcontentsitem No.
    instant adhesiveLoctite 401liquid3-10 Sek.5 g507917
    instant adhesiveLoctite 454gel5-10 Sek.3 g507919
  • Loctite Threadlocking
    Low- to high-strength threadlockers for securing and sealing threaded connections.
    namemanufactureHand strengthVersioncontentsitem No.
    ThreadlockingLoctite 22215 Min.low-strength10 ml507861
    ThreadlockingLoctite 22215 Min.low-strength50 ml507862
    ThreadlockingLoctite 2425 Min.medium strength10 ml508200
    ThreadlockingLoctite 2425 Min.medium strength50ml508201
    ThreadlockingLoctite 24310 Mn.medium strength5 ml507830
    ThreadlockingLoctite 24310 Mn.medium strength50 ml507829
    ThreadlockingLoctite 29020 Min.high-strength10 ml507863
    ThreadlockingLoctite 29020 Min.high-strength50 ml507864
  • Loctite Retaining Adhesives
    High strength special adhesive ideal for bonding bracelet pins, pressed-in pushers and tubes, winding stems in crowns and other cylindrical components.
    namemanufactureHand strengthKlebespaltcontentsitem No.
    metal adhesiveLoctite 601 (603)25 Min.0,1 mm10 ml507916
    metal adhesiveLoctite 601 (603)25 Min.0,1 mm50 ml507912
    metal adhesiveLoctite 6384 Min.0,25 mm10 ml508202
    metal adhesiveLoctite 6384 Min.0,25 mm50ml508203
    metal adhesiveLoctite 6483 Min.0,15 mm10 ml508204
    metal adhesiveLoctite 6483 Min.0,15 mm50ml508205
  • Loctite light-cure adhesives
    Light-curing UV adhesives for gluing in watch glasses or transparent jewellery stones.
    namemanufactureHand strengthDrycontentsitem No.
    light-cure adhesiveLoctite AA 34948 sec30 sec25 ml507814
    Light-cure adhesiveLoctite AA 349112 sec15 sec25 ml507812
    light-cure adhesiveLoctite AA 35015 sec20 sec250 ml507815
  • Loctite Polyolefin adhesive kit
    Temporary set consisting of adhesive Loctite 406 and primer Loctite 407 for bonding plastics and elastomers when very fast fixing is required. Ideal for bonding Junghans watch straps, elastic plastic or rubber watch straps and repairing rubber material.
    namemanufactureVersioncontentsitem No.
    polyolefin adhesiveLoctite 406 + 770for plastics20 g / 10 g507918

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