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tools for pusher and tubes

  • pusher tool
    Screwdriver for pushers. With this tool the pusher barrel can be easily unscrewed from or screwed into the casing. Used for pushers with corrugated barrel.
    nameversionbarrelmanufactureitem No.
    pusher toolP33.00 mmHorotec517605
    pusher toolP4-P273.50 mmHorotec517606
    pusher toolP393.60 mmHorotec517607
  • special set
    Special tool for pusher, barrel and rotor bearing (also suitable for RLX)
    nameversionmanufactureadditionitem No.
    special setrotor key + pusher toolHorotec15 inserts517590
    special setrotor key + pusher toolHorotec18 inserts517589
  • ejector and press tool
    Ejector tool for press-tool and barrels.
    nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
    ejector toolfor ejection and injectionHorotec7 press inserts510747
    insertØ 1.55 mmHorotec1 piece510790
    insertØ 1.75 mmHorotec1 piece510791
    insertØ 1.95 mmHorotec1 piece510792
    insertØ 2.15 mmHorotec1 piece510793
    insertØ 2.45 mmHorotec1 piece510794
    insertØ 2.65 mmHorotec1 piece510795
    insertØ 2.95 mmHorotec1 piece510796
  • tube extractor set
    For screwing tubes and pusher sleeves.
    nameversioncontentsitem No.
    extractor-setfor tubes and pusher tubes4-parts567990
  • pusher ejector pliers
    nameversionmanufactureadditionitem No.
    pusher pliersto drive out metal pinsBergeonwith 3 punches517631
    Spare punchto drive out metal pinsBergeon5,0mm517633
    Spare punchto drive out metal pinsBergeon8,0mm517634
    Spare punchto drive out metal pinsBergeon12,0mm517635
  • pusher insert pliers
    nameversionmanufactureadditionitem No.
    pusher pliersfor press-inBergeonwith 2 punches517632
    Spare punchfor press-inBergeon1,9mm517636
    Spare punchfor press-inBergeon2,4mm517637
  • screw tool RLX
    nameversionsizemanufactureitem No.
    screw toolexternal multi-tooth1.60mmRLX517651
    screw toolexternal multi-tooth1.90mmRLX517652
    screw toolexternal multi-tooth2.65mmRLX517653
    screw toolexternal multi-tooth2.70mmRLX517654
    screw toolexternal multi-tooth2.90mmRLX517655
    screw toolexternal multi-tooth3.05mmRLX517656
    screw toolinternal multi-tooth3.10mmRLX517608
  • Corrector Tool
    nameversionmanufactureitem No.
    corrector toolwith POM tipBoley511220
    replacement tipcorrector toolBoley511221

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