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Easily-fitted pendulum quartz movements
  • UTS-pendulum
    UTS-JGHS 817 pendulum quartz movement

    These pendulum movements are very easy to fit and can be used everywhere. Their independent pendulum drives have no effect on timekeeping accuracy. Powerful pendulum drive, ideal for installation in wall-clocks of all types.

    Fixing: central screw. M 10.0 mm
    Dimensions: B 56 x H 108 x D 28 mm
    Installation Ø: 100 mm (without suspension)
    Minute hole: 2.8 x 3.5 mm
    Hour hole: Ø 5.0 mm
    namehand movementversionmanufactureritem No.
    81711 mmpendulum movementUTS171000
    81716 mmpendulum movementUTS171010
    81721 mmpendulum movementUTS171020
    81726 mmpendulum movementUTS171070
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