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New generation of Langer magnatic clasps which are fitted very closely to the pearls or stones. This means the clasp is fully integrated into the chain.

Available in different shapes, colours and finishes.

  • nameØalloyversionunititem No.
    magnetic clasp10.0 mmstainless steelpolished1484828
    Magnetic clasp10.0 mmstainless steelmatt1484829
  • nameØalloyversionunititem No.
    magnetic clasp10.0 mmS 925/-polished1484055
    magnetic clasp10.0 mmS 925/-matt1484056
    magnetic clasp12.0 mmS 925/-polished1484030
    magnetic clasp12.0 mmS 925/-matt1484031
  • nameØalloyversionunititem No.
    magnetic clasp10.0 mmsilver gold-platedpolished1484355
    magnetic clasp10.0 mmsilver gold-platedmatt1484356
    magnetic clasp12.0 mmsilver gold-platedpolished1484330
    magnetic clasp12.0 mmsilver gold-platedmatt1484331
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