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    • embedding unit
      nameversiontypeoutputitem No.
      air-evacuating unitbedding toolVacumat375 watt604020
    • Embedding compound Boncast
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      embedding compoundPremiumBoncast22,7 kg604186
    • embedding compound Ultra-Vest
      For gold, silver, bronze and copper up to 1093 ° C.
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      embedding compoundUltra-VestRansom & Randolph22,7 kg604188
    • embedding compound Ultra-Vest Maxx
      White and yellow gold (high temperatures).
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      embedding compoundUltra-Vest MaxxRansom & Randolph22,7 kg604189
    • embedding compound Astro-Vest
      For platinum, stainless steel and other alloys above 1200 ° C.
      nameversionmanufacturecontentsitem No.
      embedding compoundAstro-VestRansom & Randolph22,7 kg604187
    • embedding compound Speed C/P
      nameversiondescriptioncontentsitem No.
      Speed moulding plasterInvest C/Pphosphate-bound5000 g604136
      Speed moulding plasterInvest C/Pphosphate-bound20000 g604137
    • mixing fluid C/P
      nameversiondescriptioncontentsitem No.
      mixing fluidInvest C/Pfor embedding compounds1 liter604129
      mixing fluidInvest C/Pfor embedding compounds5 liter604159
    • embedding compound Speed G
      nameversiondescriptioncontentsitem No.
      Speed moulding plasterInvest Ggypsum-bound22500 g604138
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